12 Best Pet Camera For Surveillance

Best Pet Camera for pet owner reviews and product features so you can select the right product for your home.  All pet owners wonder what their animals do during the day or worry about their animals being alone. As it turns out, a pet camera is a perfect way to keep an eye on your animals. It allows you to see how your pets are doing while you’re at work, on vacation, or running errands. The various camera types let you.

Pet Camera: We think you’ll agree with our assumption:

see them in real-time,
talk or play with them,
give them medications or treats,
calm them when they’re anxious or distressed, or
catch them when they’re misbehaving so that you can correct their behavior.

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Best Pet Camera Camera For Surveillance

In our pet camera review, we’ll tell you more about the features that come with pet cams. You’ll also learn why having a pet cam is such a great investment.


Petcube Play Review

What do your pets do when you aren’t with them? This is a question that most pet owners have. Nothing can replace your furry friends because they’re your family. It’s only natural to wonder what they do when you’re away. Companies have developed cameras that let you watch your pets. However, only a few offer the ability to interact with your pets via remote access. The Petcube Play is a great pet cam option that allows you to see, talk to, and play with your pets.

Read this Petcube Play review to find out how it works and what makes it so great.

Pros & Cons

  • One of the biggest advantages that we noticed for this pet cam review is how small the Petcube Play is. You can set it on a table or shelf, and the rubber bottom keeps it in place. It has a mount too so that you can set it up on a tripod.
  • The camera produces 1080p video quality, and it has a decent night vision. What sets it apart from other pet cameras is its laser pointer. This allows you to play with your pets via the Petcube App when you’re not home.
  • The app also makes for easy setup and remote use. Furthermore, Petcube offers free standard shipping in the United States, a 30-day guarantee and a one-year warranty.
  • There’s one main disadvantage to take away from this Petcube Play review: The optional cloud storage service called Petcube Care is a little on the expensive side.
  • Another disadvantage is that there’s a noticeable amount of lag while using the laser pointer.


The packaging is everything when you have an expensive device shipped to your home. Petcube couldn’t have made the device more secure. It arrived in a shipping box with bubble and foam inserts around it. The black packaging sleeve and the brown box inside of it featured design and technical highlights about the pet cam and its accessories.

To delve into the product for this pet cam review, the top half of the brown box slid right off. The camera was wrapped in foam and sitting upright in a beautiful presentation similar to what you get with packaging for high-end mobile phones and video game consoles. Underneath it was the rest of the accessories. Below is a list of everything that comes in the box.

  • Petcube Play pet camera,
  • User guide,
  • AC power adapter for USB,
  • Very long cable with regular and Type-C USB connectors,
  • Reset pin for resetting the app and Wi-Fi connection on the device, and
  • Three logo stickers.
  • Design and Highlights

The size of the Petcube Play is shocking when you think about all of the features that it has. More compact than the original Petcube Camera, the new addition to the lineup measures 3 inches all around and weighs just 1.3 pounds. This makes it the smallest pet cam available. Also a first for pet cameras, you can order the device in three colors: carbon black, matte silver, and rose gold.

For this Petcube Play review, we ordered the carbon black. Placed on black shelving, the pet cam blends in well and is only noticeable when you look right at it. From the front, you can see the camera, infrared sensor, and laser. All of these are encased in a brushed aluminum box, which gives the Petcube Play a clean and sophisticated appearance. There’s also a light above the camera that indicates when it’s connected.

The bottom has a nonslip grip and a standard tripod mounting bracket. This gives you multiple setup options. Although we prefer to place it on a shelf, we tested the tripod for this pet cam review. Because of its small size and square shape, the Petcube Play remains balanced. Also on the bottom is a reset button for the device, which you can press with the reset pin that comes in the package.

On the back of the Petcube Play is the Type-C USB charging port. The chew-proof cord that comes with the device is at least 6 feet long. The AC power adapter is 5 volts at 2 amps, which is standard among modern electronic devices.

Technical Features

Along with the 1080p video, the camera in the Petcube Play offers a 138-degree wide-angle view. It also features night vision for low and no light conditions and three times zoom. The speaker and microphone allow you to talk to and hear your pets. The sound and motion alerts send notifications to your phone so that you know when something major happens with your pets. The Petcube App is available for devices with iOS 8 and Android 4.3 or newer. It allows you to see, talk to, and play with your pets while you’re away. You can play with your pet with the built-in interactive laser. It even has an autoplay mode so that you can keep your pets entertained when you’re busy.

Performance Review

For this Petcube Play review, the video quality was pretty impressive. The zoom worked well and didn’t blur as much as expected. The sound quality was par compared to other pet cams. It comes through clear, but it lags a little bit. The laser game also has some noticeable lag. However, it works great considering that you can control it from across the world. The light for the laser is brighter than other pet toys, which makes it easier to see in well-lit conditions. The Petcube App is one of the best in the market because of its range of abilities. One of these is interacting with other people’s pets. This only works for people who make their pet cam public. Additionally, the app allows you to modify the sound and motion notifications as well as alert your pets to your virtual presence.

Final Verdict

Why wait until you get home from work, school or errands to spend time with your pets? With a high-quality camera, clear sound, and interactive laser, the Petcube Play allows you to give them attention throughout the day. It’s also useful for helping your pets burn energy and calm down if they’re distressed. For this pet cam review, the camera was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It also performed better than most other cameras on the market. With such great performance, the Petcube Play is a worthwhile investment.

PetChatz Camera Review

Many cats and dogs feel stressed out when their owners are away from home, but pet parents are even more prone to separation anxiety. Fortunately, the PetChatz HD camera lets pets and their owners keep in touch over long distances. If you’ve ever wanted to check in on your animal companion while at work or during a long vacation, PetChatz HD allows you to do that and much more. You can talk to your pet, dispense treats, spray calming scents and even play a game with your fur baby remotely. Of course, all of these features come at a cost. Is this highest of high-end pet cams worth the hefty price tag?

Pros & Cons

  • Most features work exactly as advertised.
  • The camera is easy to mount on kennel doors or anywhere else you desire.
  • It comes with healthy treats free of grain and other fillers.
  • The treat dispenser notifies you when supplies are low.
  • The treat dispenser is only designed for PetChatz treats.
  • Sometimes the dispenser becomes clogged or dispenses multiple treats.
  • While you can record videos, there is no way to capture photos.
  • It’s by far the most expensive pet camera.
  • The cost of additional treats and other accessories can also add up.


The device comes with everything you need to start using it right out of the box. The only tool you may require is a screwdriver to set up the mounting bracket.

What is Included?

  • PetChatz HD camera
  • USB power supply
  • Mounting bracket with a drywall anchor and screws
  • 1 package of PetChatz Treatz
  • PetChatz Treatz cup and dispenser
  • 1 vial of PetChatz Scentz essential oil drops
  • PetChatz Scentz pads

The accompanying web and mobile app must be downloaded online. Additional PetChatz HD accessories available for purchase include:

  • 3 month supply of PetChatz Treatz
  • 10 ml bottle of Scentz Oil
  • 10 pack of Scentz pads
  • PetChatz camera stand
  • PetChatz Guard to protect against biting and licking

The PawCall, a device that allows pets “call” their owners from the PetChatz HD by pressing a button, must also be purchased separately.


For pets and pet owners who can’t bear being apart, PetChatz HD features a built-in camera and microphone that enables two-way communication via a desktop computer or mobile device. Whether you’re just down the road or on the opposite side of the planet, you can check in on your fur babies whenever you miss them. The treat dispenser gives pets an incentive to come to the camera whenever you “call.” If your pet seems anxious, you can deliver a spray of “PetChatz Scentz,” which is a non-toxic mixture of natural oils that promote relaxation. You can even remotely record videos of your babies.

Technical Features

  • PetChatz HD is Wi-Fi enabled for easy synchronization with web and mobile apps.
  • View video stream from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • A small screen and speaker allows your pet to see and hear you as well.
  • Set special ringtones to “call” your pet from a mobile device.
  • Dispense treats and calming spray with a single mouse click or button press.
  • Play an interactive game with particularly clever pets.
  • Built-in motion and sound sensors send notifications to your phone when something out of the ordinary happens.

Performance Review

The HD camera outputs video in 1280 pixels x 720 pixels with a 30-fps frame rate. It performs well in low-light conditions, so pets and owners can still see each other even when the curtains are drawn. The device was designed with pets’ safety in mind; it doesn’t have any sharp edges, and there are no long cords to chew on. Before plugging in the unit, you should turn off the power outlet at the fusebox and install the mounting bracket over the outlet. After resetting the power, the mounting bracket will hold the camera in place, and you can start communicating with your pet. Alternatively, you can install the PetChatz HD camera on the door of a kennel.

The PawCall accessory, which must be purchased separately, has a single button that is theoretically easy for any animal to use; however, training pets how to use it when they want to place a long-distance call is another matter altogether.

Final Verdict

No other pet camera comes close to offering the array of features found in the PetChatz HD. Consequently, it’s the most expensive device of its kind. You could likely purchase two pet cameras of lower quality for the same price. If you must always have the best for your fur babies, then the PetChatz HD will not disappoint; however, many pets and owners would be content with a more modest device.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Are you curious about what your dogs do while you’re not home? Do you come home to find a mess and want a fun way to teach your dogs how to behave? You aren’t the only dog owner who feels this way. This is why Tomofun created Furbo, the world’s first treat-popping dog camera.

Your dogs spend a lot of time waiting for you to get home from work and other events. While some dogs act out because of this, others become distressed. The premise behind Furbo is to check on your pets while you’re away from home. It allows you to reward them for behaving and calm them when they become stressed. Let’s see how well it works in this Furbo dog camera review.

Pros & Cons

  • For this pet cam review, we were impressed with the sleek design of Furbo. Although, it was a little bigger than expected. The device was also really easy to set up.
  • Once you plug it in, you just download the Furbo app on your mobile device from the iTunes or Android Play store. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re all set to go.
  • Another pro of Furbo is how simple it is to load treats. Just pop off the top, and fill it to max capacity. The camera also produces high-quality video and has a decent night vision. The barking alert is very functional as well.
  • Furthermore, Furbo comes with free shipping in the United States, a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.
  • The only disadvantage that we experienced for this Furbo dog camera review was the capacity and size restrictions for treats. They need to be rather small and rounded to fit through the dispenser.
  • Unboxing

Tomofun did great at packaging Furbo. Upon shipment arrival for this pet cam review, we removed a brown box from the standard shipping box. Inside the brown box was the retail packaging. The outside sleeve of the product packaging is white and gives you an overview of all of the features. The sleeve slides off to reveal the outline of Furbo on the front of another brown box. Lay it down face up, and lift the front of the box to reveal a nicely displayed Furbo inside. When you pull out the cardboard that the device is laying in, you can see the rest of the contents. Here’s a list of everything that you find inside of the retail packaging:

  • Furbo dog camera,
  • USB power wall adapter,
  • 7-foot non-tangle charging cable with USB and micro USB connectors, and
  • Quick start guide.
  • Design and Highlights

Furbo has a modern design with sleek curves and a shiny finish. The bamboo top creates a pleasing contrast from the white body and is also environmentally friendly.  It measures about 9 inches tall, 4.75 inches wide and 6 inches deep. These dimensions make it slim enough to set at the end of a shelf without being very noticeable. On the front of Furbo, you can see the microphone and speaker at the top. Underneath it is the high-definition camera and then an intelligent light sensor. Further down is the opening for the treat dispenser.

At the very bottom of the front is the status LED indicator that glows along the bottom and in the treat dispenser. It changes color depending on the situation. For this Furbo dog camera review, the blue glow meant that the device was on, and the yellow glow meant that it was asleep. You will find the micro USB charging port near the bottom of the back of Furbo. On the very bottom of the device is a removable clip. When you open it, you can see where the treats load into the dispenser. The latch is removable so that you can dislodge treats that become stuck.

Also on the bottom are three 3M adhesive strips that allow you to firmly secure Furbo to any flat surface. Since the device is freestanding, these adhesives make sure that mischievous dogs don’t tip it over. The fact that it’s heavier and wider at the bottom helps with stability as well. Additionally, it has a tripod mounting option on the bottom, but we didn’t test it for this pet cam review.

Technical Features

This treat-popping dog camera has a 720p camera and infrared LED night vision. It has a 120-degree wide-angle view and four-times digital zoom. The two-way audio via the microphone and speaker allow you to talk to and hear your dogs. Furbo also uses the microphone for bark alerts. You get notifications through the mobile app when your dogs bark so that you can calm them. The treat dispenser has a capacity of 30 treats at 1 centimeter in diameter. The LED light and a sound tell your dog that a treat is coming so that it doesn’t scare them. In fact, the sound is the same that professional dog trainers use.

Smart Privacy Mode is a unique feature for Furbo. It automatically turns off when it recognizes that your mobile device reconnects to the same Wi-Fi connection. This mode eliminates unwanted notifications when you’re at home.

Performance Review

Compared to other pet cameras, the 720p quality fell a little short for this Furbo dog camera review. However, the night vision made up for it. The audio quality is about the same as other pet cams with only a slight latency. The microphone picks up other sounds, so you need to be careful about putting Furbo next to noisy items such as radios, TVs, or kitchen appliances. For the bark alerts, you can adjust the sensitivity so that the device doesn’t send you alerts for every sound that it hears.

For this pet cam review, we tried several types of dog treats and even dog food. Staying within the size and capacity parameters, there was no problem with the treats getting stuck. Multiple treats came out at once when they were smaller than recommended.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that Furbo is an adequate investment that lets you interact with your dogs. The modern design and unique features outperform other pet cameras. Its LED lights and sounds are well researched too.

Furbo can help you train your dogs how to behave while you’re gone, and it allows you to spoil them anytime that you want. What we like the most, however, is how it lets you spend more time with your furry family members. You can even use it for cats despite it being marketed for dogs.

Kittyo Wi-Fi HD Pet Camera Review

If you’re a cat owner, chances are you’ve wondered what your kitty gets up to when you’re not at home. The Kittyo was designed to let you know just what your feline does when you’re not around. This small pod allows you to speak to your kitty, give it treats, use a laser pointer, and watch your cat play via an app that works on Apple and Android devices. The Kittyo is easy to set up, works through a wireless connection, and is a great way to stay in touch with your pet no matter where you are.

Pros & Cons

  • Allowing you to play with your cat and reward it with treats with an easy to use the phone app.
  • The unit comes with sticky tabs that ensure that even the most playful kitty can’t knock it over.
  • It has a very solid 720p resolution camera
  • It also lets you set up and play sounds so that your kitty will come running to the Kittyo when you want to see how he or she is doing.
  • There’s really only one significant potential downside to the Kittyo. If you aren’t reasonably tech-savvy, you may struggle to set up the unit since it involves first connecting your phone to the unit’s network and then using the Kittyo app to connect the unit to your home’s wireless network.


The Kittyo is a pretty small unit – it’s just nine inches tall and five inches across – and there’s not a lot to set up. Along with the unit, you’ll get a power supply and a user guide. Also included are 3M Command adhesive strips and a mounting plate. These strips are very strong and durable, so they ensure that your kitty can’t knock the unit over.

Short Intro

The Kittyo is designed specifically for cat owners, and it allows you to play with and keep an eye on your kitty from an easy to use the phone app. Whether you’re on vacation or simply want to check in on your furry friend from work, the Kittyo lets you keep tabs on your cat.

What is included

  • Kittyo unit
  • Power supply
  • User guide
  • Mounting plate
  • 3m Command Adhesive Strips

Design / Highlights

The Kittyo allows you to take pictures and videos, and it also comes with a laser pointer that lets you play with your kitty no matter where you are. It also has a treat carousel, which can hold eight different types of treats, and it lets you give your kitty rewards even when you’re not at home. The Kittyo has a speaker and a microphone, so you can talk to your kitty through an app on your phone, and you can hear your cat meow back. There are also a number of sounds that can be played through the speaker, so you can let your cat know when to come to the unit.

Technical Features

The Kittyo has a 720p resolution camera, allowing you to take photos and capture videos that are 1280 by 720 pixels. Another great thing about this pet camera is that multiple users can access the unit, so if you have roommates or a significant other, they can use the Kittyo as well. Since the Kittyo is specifically designed for cats, it comes with a laser pointer. The pointer can be controlled manually through the Kittyo app, but you can also set it to follow a pre-set pattern.

The Kittyo will easily connect to most home networks, but you should be aware that it will not connect to 5.0 GHz networks, hidden networks, or networks using WEP2 encryption. You’ll need to install the Kittyo app on your phone to be able to connect your unit to your home’s wireless network. The setup process can be confusing because it’s a multi-step process, and you can’t just connect your unit to your network the way you can with most wireless devices. Since the Kittyo uses a class 3R laser, it’s safe for both human and animal eyes. For additional safety, the laser will shut off after a few seconds if you’re not using it. More than one user can connect to the Kittyo by installing the phone app and logging in with your unit’s username and password.

Performance Review

Once you’re able to connect your Kittyo to your home’s wireless network, you should have no problems. It works well, the app is very easy to use, and there are a number of fun ways to interact with your kitty through the unit. The ability to dispense treats and control a laser pointer makes the unit a great source of fun for most cats. Additionally, the unit features a speaker that allows you to talk to your kitty and play a sound to let your kitty know to come to the unit. While the unit itself isn’t overwhelmingly sturdy, the mounting plate ensures that even the most rambunctious feline will have problems doing damage to it.

Final Verdict

The Kittyo isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a solid pet cam designed for cats, this is a very good choice. It has robust features, works well, doesn’t seem to have any technical problems, and it’s great if you’re away from home and want to keep tabs on your kitty.

Vimtag HD Pet Camera Review

Vimtag is a company that has built a solid name for itself in the field of IP cameras. Vimtag offers cameras for every conceivable need — from pet monitoring to home security. Many of the company’s cameras are even waterproof for outdoor mounting. Most importantly, every Vimtag camera features a 30-day money-back guarantee and USA-based telephone support. Today’s pet cam review features the VT-361 PTZ Cloud Camera by Vimtag. The Vimtag VT-361 features high-definition video, Internet-based controls, and an appealingly low price.

Pros & Cons

  • Low price: True HD imaging, panning and tilting, cloud-based backup and more for under $70
  • Durable: Heavy rubberized base resists sliding and helps the pet cam stay where you put it
  • Easy setup: Scan a QR code with your phone or press the WPS buttons on the camera and on your wireless router to get started
  • Sensitive latency: Controlling the camera via the Internet can occasionally be slow
  • No included storage: To store videos on the camera, you’ll need to buy a microSD card
  • No remote storage: Camera saves videos on the SD card only and does not synchronize with a cloud server unless you purchase the Vimtag Cloud Storage Box separately

Unboxing the Vimtag VT-361

To prepare for this pet cam review, our first task was to unbox the Vimtag VT-361 and set it up. Upon opening the box, we found that the camera was securely packaged and included a printed quick-start guide. The camera also includes a Wi-Fi antenna, an AC adapter, an Ethernet cable, and hardware for mounting the camera on a wall or ceiling.

To get started with the Vimtag VT-361, simply connect the Wi-Fi antenna to the port on the back of the camera. Connect the AC adapter to the camera and to a wall outlet. Finally, connect the Ethernet cable to the camera and to a port on your router. If you prefer to use your Vimtag VT-361 only via Wi-Fi, you can simply leave the Ethernet cable in the box if your router supports WPS. Otherwise, you’ll need the Ethernet cable for the initial setup.

Our Impressions of the Vimtag VT-361

Although the Vimtag VT-361 lacks a comprehensive printed instruction manual, we appreciated the clarity of the included quick start guide. The guide got us up and running in just a few minutes. Sometimes, a pet cannot resist its own curiosity. One of the features that we look for when writing any pet cam review is solid build quality. A camera shouldn’t fall off of a desk simply because a pet decides to investigate it. The heavy base of the Vimtag VT-361 is exactly the kind of build quality that we like.

Vimtag VT-361: Technical Features

The Vimtag VT-361 has all of the features that you’d want in a pet cam. In addition to its excellent video quality and remote smartphone access, the Vimtag VT-361 has a two-way communication system that allows you to comfort an anxious pet remotely. The VT-361 also has a night vision feature that allows it to operate in low light conditions. If your pet has a habit of getting into things that it shouldn’t when you’re out of the house, you’ll appreciate the motion detection feature of the Vimtag VT-361. If your pet triggers the camera’s motion detection system, you’ll automatically receive a push notification on your smartphone. Use the mobile app to move the camera for a closer look — and enable the two-way communication feature to scold your pet if needed. The Vimtag VT-361 supports multiple users, so you can also give camera access to your spouse or children.

Vimtag VT-361 Pet Cam Review: Final Thoughts

The Vimtag VT-361 is an excellent, affordable camera that can be far more than a simple pet cam. The motion detection feature keeps your pets out of areas where they shouldn’t go — and it can also help to keep your home safe from intruders when you’re away. With a true high-definition video feed, you can watch your pet in perfect clarity. You can also talk to your pet whenever you like. We give the Vimtag VT-361 a solid recommendation.

Piper NV Camera Review

The Piper NV is an indoor security and pet camera, and one of the best web-linked security cameras currently on the market. It is also a home automation system, featuring various sensors and for controlling various home devices. Launched in 2015, it is an upgraded version of the earlier Piper unit, which is commonly known as the Piper Classic. The Piper Classic had various setbacks, including poor image quality and lack of night vision functionality. However, all that has changed, with the Piper NV. It comes with improved image quality, Z-Wave accessory controller, and night vision as well.

Pros & Cons

  • easy installation,
  • multiple security modes,
  • integrated alarm system,
  • night vision,
  • Excellent HD image,
  • plan zoom and tilt functions
  • it can integrate with Z-Wave devices. This means that you can use it in a wide range of uses, to monitor your pet’s movements, both day and night.
  • lack of local storage and lack of a web app.
  • It is also quite pricy when compared to similar devices on the market.

Unboxing 150

The best way to determine how a device performs is to remove it out of the box and use it. Its packaging is quite uninspiring. So, what do you find inside the box? Inside the box, you find the unit itself, with a pre-fitted stand and a power supply. Its power supply plugs at the rear. Furthermore, the cable is rerouted to keep things tidy and compact. This device only comes with a simple power button.


The Piper NV comes in black and white and features a glossy, curved exterior. It can record images and videos in HD 1920×1080 and provides night vision, tilts, pans as well as digital zooming. The camera comes with a 180-degree field of view, giving it the ability to capture large areas when the need arises. The Piper NV can detect sound and motion, and is further backed by 2-way audio. Apart from being a camera, this is a lifestyle system. It features a Z-Wave radio, which offers home automation control, as well as sensors that control temperature, sound, light, humidity. The Piper NV is surprisingly versatile.

One design aspect that was carefully thought out, is the power input. Similar to other systems, the Piper NV works when connected to a power supply. However, what would happen if an intruder comes to your house, and disconnects the power supply? That is where this device comes in. It has backup AA batteries, which keeps it fully operational. This means that when it has been unplugged from the power source, you will immediately receive a notification on your device, telling you that the device has been unplugged. It also comes with extra options when it comes to power. It features a detachable metal stand, which you can place on a desk or shelf. However, it can be screwed permanently on a wall. Whichever way you choose to use the Piper NV, you are assured of round-the-clock home surveillance and security.

Technical Features

Compared to similar devices in the market, the Piper NV is superior in terms of the range of features. It is a home automation system, a video-monitoring system, and a home security system. It features four main modes, which are Stay, Vacation, Away, and Notify. All the modes are identical, although you can configure the device based on user-defined rules.

Using these user-defined rules, the device can notify you through email, push notification, phone call, or even a text message, immediately it detects loud noises, movement, or temperature changes.

In addition, you can program it to start recording video or even send notifications to friends or relatives, when your primary communication is unresponsive. This device also comes with an inbuilt alarm, which can be linked with the sensor. You can even program it to emit an ear-splitting, loud decibel, every time it detects sound or movement.

Final Verdict

Piper NV is a reliable unit to enhance monitor your pets, anytime at home. If you want to keep out intruders and keep your pets safe, this is the device for you. It is not a simple home security camera but a total home solution, which gives you complete freedom. It allows you to add Z-Wave compatible devices, to your home security system, which allows you to monitor your home at all times. It might be more expensive than similar devices on the market, but it definitely offers value for money. Its combination of automation and security is quite hard to beat.

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera Review

Do you love your pets so much that you cannot leave them alone for a long time? Technology has got you covered. The Dropcam Pro WiFi wireless will allow pet owners to keep an eye on their pets where ever they may be. Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video tracking service that keeps you connected to various locations, people, and pets. Receive activity notifications on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It features optional Cloud Video Recording so that you can access videos of the past few days or months.

Pros & Cons

  • This product makes it possible for the user to monitor the activities of one’s pet from any location they could be in.
  • This camera offers high-quality video monitoring features.
  • Gives the owner alerts in case any unusual sounds or disturbances are detected.
  • This product comes with free shipping within the United States.
  • To people who are used to conventional ways, the absence of local storage is definitely an obvious downside that will bring some inconvenience, especially to individuals who have a poor net connection.
  • You are going to get a fisheye effect on the image because it is designed to give a wide field of view.
  • The product can only be fixed at a single point which means that unless the pet is restrained, the camera may not record all the pet’s movements.

Unboxing and installation the Dropcam Pro WiFi wireless Camera.

The packaging for the Dropcam is simple, attractive, and very clean. The box ships shrinkwrapped in plastic and have an outer cardboard sleeve around the main package.

Included Items:

  • Dropcam Pro HD Camera.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Camera Stand.
  • Wall mounting hardware (screws, drywall anchors, and wall mount plate).
  • 10-foot Micro USB cable.
  • AC Adapter (USB power adapter).
  • Quick Start Guide.

The first thing you will find in the box is the Dropcam itself. The camera lens is covered by a small piece of protective plastic. Behind the Dropcam is the AC adapter, quick start guide, USB cable, AC adapter, and wall mount screws. The Dropcam also ships with a wall-mount plate that you can use with the included drywall anchors and screws to directly mount the camera to a wall.

Technical Features of the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi wireless Camera

This product offers users a clearer image resolution since it has an updated camera sensor which improves the images that have been taken. This camera is fairly easy to use since all one needs to do connect the video camera to an Apple device via Bluetooth or to the computer through USB. The product ensures that owners never miss even a single moment in their pet’s life considering that the device has night vision capabilities to enhance the quality of the images captured at night.

The zoom feature in the camera allows one to look more closely when they may be uncertain as to what exactly the pet is doing. The design of the camera also allows for a wide-angle of view giving the user of the camera an incredible field of view. This video recording device also gives users who may not have the time to watch their pet directly a chance to record video and store it in the cloud for future references and viewing. The intelligent alert feature notifies when the pet makes any noise or unusual sounds. You can set notifications depending on the time of day or even your location.

  • It offers breathtaking 720p HD video in a 130-degree field of view and 8-x zoom.
  • It allows for optional Sharing for your video stream with buddies.
  • You can watch remotely on your devices through web and mobile apps.
  • You can stream live videos safely with bank-level security.
  • Automated Updates-Get the latest features with camera and app updates.
  • The fact that the device’s Bluetooth has a range of up to 100 ft. is an added advantage.

The device also offers a two-way talk feature that allows the users of the device to interact with other parties, for instance, their pets, that’s if you understand animal language.

Performance review

This internet video monitoring camera will allow the user to keep watch of the pets that they love right after the installation. All one has to do is connect compatible devices through Bluetooth and within minutes they can access HD videos of the location that the device has been set. It allows pet owners to chill out and also have the assurance that their pets are safe and sound at home. It can also be used to monitor sick pets and check how they are faring health-wise. This innovative camera allows for 24/7 streaming of high-quality videos of their pet’s activities from devices that are connected to the video feed.

Final verdict.

For the pet owner who likes to stay in touch with their pets, the Dropcam Pro WiFi wireless camera could be the device for you. This reliable and multipurpose device ensures that one’s kids get home to a safe haven and also makes sure that your pet isn’t in any trouble. This camera is one of the best and wisest investments one can make for their home’s security.

Pawbo 720P Interactive Wireless Pet Treat Cam Review

Surveillance of your cat or dog comes in handy in keeping touch with your pet and reducing the mischief and damage that they always cause when left unattended. The new Pawbo pet cam has got you covered on this. The camera carries along with some cool features that would blow you away. It has a treat dispenser that allows you to toss food to your pet at your will. In the Pawbo Pet camera review below, we will cover the features and functionality of the camera that will make it your first choice when it comes to pet cam shopping.

Pros & Cons

  • It is made from high-quality materials hence assured durability.
  • Its user guide makes it easy to use and understand.
  • It has enhanced interaction that is quick and accurate.
  • It is easy to set up, and almost everyone can do it.
  • It has refined response capability.
  • Its sleek design makes it versatile and easy to place in all environments.
  • It has poor image quality that is not reliable.
  • Its Wi-Fi network and app registration has poor networking hence reducing its reliability.
  • It lacks a night vision hence cannot be used in the dark or extremely dim light.

What’s in the box of the camera?

It impressive how small the camera is when you take it out of the box and set your eyes upon it. It comes in two shades of colors, a white shade with a black modification that is eye-catching. Inside the box, are some of the items that make it easier to use. A user guide- This is the manual that carries the setup technique and instructions on how to use the camera.
110-240 AC power adapter to allow easy connection to sources of energy. The Pawbo pet camera- this is what we intended to purchase.

The camera’s design.

The paw camera has a dimensional size of 7.9×4.4×4.4 inches. This small and sleek design gives the camera the size flexibility it needs to fit in many spaces. You obviously don’t need a bulky camera in your living rooms that would take all the attention away from your furniture. It is made of plastic material that is of high quality and less sturdy at the same time.

In case you have an adventurous pet that likes to run around and pouncing on things, you are advised to place it on a higher surface such as a shelf top to avoid breaking. The camera has a zebra-like look. It is a blend of black and white that helps in a big way to camouflage with the objects in your house. It is designed with two led lights near its lenses to show you when it is in operation.

The rear view of the camera attests to its simple design. It features a power cord that allows easy installations to energy sources. A reset button that reverts its use to the normal settings. A WPS button for owners that have WPS protection on their routers. It also incorporates two speakers on its backside that allow you to talk to your pet through an enhanced audio relay. Certain people prefer to mount their cameras on walls. Well, this is made possible through two screw holes at the back of the camera.

Features of the Pawbo pet cam

The camera carries along with some features that are work in concert to give the best pet camera experience. It relays high-quality videos. It has a 720p front-facing camera that helps in a big way to deliver high-quality images in times of bright as well as dim light. The camera has a 110 degrees angle lens that allows accurate image capture. This camera has the capability of saving video recordings and snapshots directly to the dropbox.

The smartphone app

This app is available in your Google store and Apple stores. It is easily integrated with your camera, and you can view live footage and initiate activities remotely through it. This app experience helps make interaction with your pet convenient as you can use it regardless of your location.

Sound quality

The paw app allows you to communicate with your pet at any time wherever you are. You just need to click the microphone on the app, and the message is delivered through the speakers. Your pet would never experience loneliness again when you are far away from home. The sound of your assuring voice is enough to put it at ease.

Treat dispenser

Through the paw app, and you can control the treat dispenser. You just need to open the app and give commands that would dispense treats at your pet at any time. It is recommended that you break the treats into sizable pieces so that they do not get stuck in the dispenser.

The laser games are redefined.

With just a simple click on your app, you can move the laser around. Cat owners realize the curiosity and activeness a shifting dot on the wall could initiate. This helps in a big way to eradicate boredom from your pet.

Sound effect

This helps get the pet’s attention at all times. If in case you want to give the pet a treat, you can just click the sound effect to get their attention. You could also use it as a warning system against any mischief that they could be up to. The performance of this pet cam incredible especially because it can be integrated with your phone. Most clients are conversant with the use of smartphone apps. Almost no contact with the camera ensures that it suffers little or no damage hence it stays operational for a long time.

Final Verdict

The paw pet cam is the best choice of gadgetry to interact with your pet. It carries a wide array of features in just one model. Its enhanced social media sharing potential makes it possible to share your pet’s funny videos with friends on the internet. Spend quality time with your pet will still at work or on a short trip to the grocery store.

Zmodo Pivot Pet Camera Review

The Zmodo Pivot is a wireless security camera that provides an all-in-one smart home solution. This 1080p camera allows you to monitor your home and pets. You can use the camera to find out if your pet is misbehaving or to check the well-being of an elderly pet. The camera also provides temperature and humidity readings so that you can keep track of your home’s health. Zmodo even makes it easy if you want to expand the Pivot’s coverage. You can purchase additional sensors to place around your home. Knowing how your pets are faring when nobody is home should give you peace of mind.

See another pet camera.

Pros & Cons

  • Many people who conducted a Zmodo Pivot pet camera review liked the fact that you can customize what alerts you receive.
  • You can check the Pivot for temperature and humidity readings.
  • The Pivot can play music through a Bluetooth speaker.
  • The two-way audio communication system allows you to talk to your pets when you are at work.
  • Zmodo designed the camera to rotate so that it can capture what happens when a door or window opens.
  • The night vision setting allows you to view up to 30 feet in front of the camera.
  • One negative part of this Zmodo Pivot pet camera review is that the camera erases stored video footage after 24 hours if you do not subscribe to their cloud service.
  • Another con of this pet cam review is that the internal storage drive is not expandable.

Unboxing the Pivot

Once you purchase the Pivot, it is easy to install. As this pet cam review mentions, the camera comes with a quick guide. If you need additional help, Zmodo has a comprehensive support page on their website. Part of the installation process involves creating an account with Zmodo’s mobile app. Once you connect the device to your WiFi, you can monitor your house from anywhere in the world.

What does the box include?

  • Zmodo Pivot 1080p HD wireless 360-degree rotating security camera
  • A power supply
  • Two window and door sensors
  • A quick setup and installation guide

Design and Highlights

When performing a Zmodo Pivot pet camera review, you may notice that the camera has many useful highlights. Zmodo designed the camera to have a swivel feature as its focal point. The Pivot can rotate 360 degrees if it detects motion nearby. If a window or door opens, the Pivot will automatically turn to capture what happened. Another useful feature is the camera’s elegant and practical design. Since it does not resemble a camera, it should easily blend in with your home’s décor. The Pivot actually looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than a camera.

Technical Features

  • The Pivot features a 1080p HD camera. In addition, the camera comes with a 135-degree wide-angle lens and has automatic night vision.
  • The Pivot uses two-way communication so that you can hear and speak to your pets when you are away from home.
  • You can use the Pivot as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • The product comes with door and window sensors.
  • Each Pivot comes with 16GB of internal storage.
  • There are temperature and humidity sensors within the device.

This system is straightforward, which makes for an easy pet cam review. All you need to do is connect it to your WiFi so that you can watch your house from Zmodo’s free app. The quality of the video is solid, and the night vision works better than expected. When looking at this pet cam review, you may also like to know that Zmodo offers cloud services if you need additional storage space.

Final Verdict

Most consumers will probably leave a positive Zmodo Pivot pet camera review. Zmodo designed an impressive home security camera that is easy to install. The video quality is impressive, and there is plenty of internal storage space. You can effectively use the camera to monitor and communicate with your pet.

iFamCare Helmet Pet Camera Review

When iFamCare started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of its 360-degree rotating pet camera, hundreds of excited pet parents invested to make the dream come true. Aside from recording high-quality videos, the device boasts auxiliary features including an air quality sensor and a laser pointer that you can control remotely via your mobile device. How does the iFamCare Helmet compare to the plethora of other cameras on the market? This comprehensive pet cam review will cover all of the things that separate the Helmet from its competition.

Pros & Cons

  • You can see your fur babies from any angle no matter where you are in the world.
  • The 360-degree view and mobile alerts make the Helmet a sufficient security camera.
  • The Helmet is the only pet cam that offers expandable memory.
  • An air quality sensor keeps you and your pets safe from pollutants.
  • The price tag is very reasonable considering the number of features.
  • The device lacks a treat dispenser.
  • Both sides cannot transmit audio simultaneously.


The instruction manual thoroughly explains how to download the software needed to sync the iFamCare Helmet with your phone so that you can start playing with your pet from far away. If you need technical help, iFamCare has a support center that you can call at any hour.

What’s Included

  • The Helmet Pet Camera
  • Power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wall mount kit


The Helmet Pet Camera is not a device that your pet wears on its head; rather, it is called the “Helmet” because the camera itself looks like something a Star Wars villain might wear. You can lay it on a table or mount it on the wall using the enclosed kit. The laser pointer emanates from the direction that the camera is facing, so the whole device rotates as you control it remotely. You can choose between a white or black model.

Technical Features

  • The air quality sensor screens for 20 pollutants including carbon monoxide.
  • The night vision feature allows you to monitor your pets and your home at all hours.
  • You can store photos and HD videos via the cloud or an external memory card.
  • The Helmet can send sound and motion alerts to your phone.
  • The iFamCare software lets you quickly share your pictures and videos on social media.
  • The two-way speakers allow you to communicate with your pets or other people in your home.
  • You can even sync multiple Helmet Pet Cameras and control them all with one device.

Performance Review

Commenters on pet cam review forums are in agreement that the Helmet delivers unparalleled video performance. The base is flat and sturdy, which is needed to support the camera’s rotating capabilities. Unlike other pet cameras, the Helmet also serves as a practical home monitoring system thanks to its 360-degree view and optional mobile alerts. Rather than having a separate microphone and speaker, the Helmet has a built-in half-duplex voice intercom system similar to a walkie talkie.

Unfortunately, this means that while you and your pet can hear each other, both sides can’t receive audio at the same time. Compared to our previous pet cam review subjects, the Helmet is relatively inexpensive despite its extensive features. The 360-degree view is just one of several features that make the Helmet one of the most popular pet cams available. Find out for yourself why the Helmet is receiving so much praise from pet cam review experts.

Petzi Treat Cam Review

What is your pet really up to when you are away from home? Would you like to stay connected with them all the time regardless of your location? The Petzi Treat Cam helps you do just that and this Petzi Treat Cam review would explore the various options you have with the gadget. The user-friendly pet camera features a wide-angle Wi-Fi camera, high-quality audio, and a revolutionary remote treat dispenser to help you check in on and treat your pet whenever you see fit. This piece of technology is a great, interactive way to stay close to your pet whether you’re away on a trip, on vacation, or at work.

Thinking of getting one now? Here’s a quick list of what’s great and what’s not about the Petzi Treat Cam.

Pros & Cons

  • Priced well below other pet cameras with similar features
  • Setup only takes a few minutes
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Treat dispenser; works well with dry, smaller treats
  • Night vision
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Petzi smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android) allows direct sharing of app media on social networks
  • Great product support and 1-year warranty
  • Has no motion alerts or camera zoom lenses
  • Occasional poor camera signal and app connectivity
  • Audio is not both ways. Owners cannot hear pet’s audio feedback
  • Does not record/store video for playback
  • Some users report that multiple treats get dispensed at once and some treats get stuck when launched


When you first take the Petzi Treat cam out of the box, it reveals itself fitted nicely in its packaging. The entire cam weighs only about a pound, so it has a light, easy-to-carry feel. Its exterior finishing is not nearly as attractive as the more expensive Furbo, and the design not as sleek or modern. But there is no doubt that the camera is of high quality. The curved edges and flat back and bottom give you several mounting options for the pet camera. Its design makes it easy to mount it on walls without any protruding sides that your pet might chew on.

What’s in the Box?

On opening the box, you will find the Petri Treat Cam itself, a standard 6-foot AC power adapter, the universal mounting kit, and some rubber feet, as well as some Petzila, approved sample treats. The power adapter has a long cord that can reach farther power outlets. It gives you the freedom of placing it only where it’s safe and convenient.


The simple, plastic, and rectangular design as highlighted in the Petzi Treat Cam review is part of its charm. You can set it up in many possible spots in your home and install the App on your smartphone and pairing it with a Wi-Fi connection. Don’t be fooled by its uninteresting appearance, the Petzi Treat Cam has several highlights for both pet owners and pets.

The treat dispenser is the pet cam’s biggest selling point. Its design ensures that it is not easily broken into by mischievous pets looking to earn more underserved treats. The unit has a removable white cover over the treat dispenser. Once the cover is removed and the dispenser is open, there is a visible compartment. You can place a few treats in there, cover it back up, put it in its place, and be on your way knowing the treats are safe and ready to be dispensed.

Night Vision

The Petzi Treat Cam’s wide-angle lens has night vision that allows you to see and screenshot black-and-white video of your pet in complete darkness or very dim lighting.

Video & Sound quality

The resolution on the Petzi cam is not that great at 720p and often provides grainy video feeds. The wide-angle lens 30fps HD camera does better than several others in the market that do not offer HD video quality. The audio quality on the Patzi is excellent. Volume and other sound settings can be operated from the app.


The Petzi Treat Cam (model no. PET0025-USA) is an exciting piece of technology that currently works with any home Wi-Fi. It uses a secured WPA/WPA2 password- enabIed802.11blgln connection to offer owners the full experience through the app, when away from their pets.

Smartphone App

The Petzi Cam app is available for download on all smartphones operating iOS (7.0 or newer) or Android (4.0 or newer) software, through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. User testing on both app platforms reveals no differences incompatibility, so you get to have all the controls with either phone.

Some of the features available through the app are:

  • Treat dispenser: This feature helps you send your pet an exciting treat at any time with the snap of a button
  • Sound notifications: These are useful for alerting your pets to your presence or before dispensing treats. On hearing the sound, most pets know to approach the camera.
  • Photo capture: Owners can snap candid photos directly from the app’s video feed and save to the device or upload onto the social platform.
  • Voice recording: click the microphone and speak to your pets clearly from anywhere

Settings: Audio volumes can be adjusted to improve hearing

Petzi Social Network

The Petzi Social Network is a unique tech feature in the app that allows you to do your social media sharing easily. Upload snaps of your dog or cat and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram instantly.


This Petzi Treat Cam review shows that the pet camera is a great bargain when you consider all the features you get to use. The video quality, streaming speed, and camera interface could do with some improvements that perhaps a web feed that bypasses the mobile application could help solve. Two-way audio of the same quality would also put this camera in a league of its own, but compared to other pet cameras on the market it’s a good pick for any pet owner. You would also fall in love with the impressive customer support available for the Patzi Treat Cam and the 1-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In the U.S, the pet camera is available for purchase on several online retail sites and the official Patzi website. International customers would have to go through Amazon and verify their global shipping policy to their specific country.

Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System Review

Choosing the best Pet Camera is really a daunting task basing on the variety of options you have to pick from. That is why we have prepared this Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review that will assist you to choose the best and the one Pet Camera that suits your needs. n this Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review, we will look at the various factors that you have to consider before purchasing an Arlo Security Camera. You can end up making the wrong decision if you do not look into the factors that you need to understand when buying a Home Security Camera. But you don’t have to worry; you are in the right place.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Arlo Home Security Camera.

Pros & Cons

  • The Netgear Arlo Camera is completely wireless.
  • Easy to install.
  • Night vision and Vivid color video
  • Free cloud storage.
  • The Arlo camera also enables you to keep an eye on your pets and see what they are doing outdoor when you are away from home.
  • The Arlo Camera allows you to keep an eye on your pregnant pets so that you can be there when the beautiful moment arrives.
  • The Arlo camera also allows you to keep an eye on your pet sitters and ensure they are gaining their keep and are nice to your feathered and furred friends.
  • Also, the Arlo camera enables you to see what happens to your pets when you are not at home and take the necessary steps to keep your pets smiling.
  • The Arlo Camera lacks dynamic tilt, pan, and zoom options.
  • No audio recording.


When you receive your package comprising of the Netgear Arlo Home Security Kit, you will realize that it comes with two High Definition Weatherproof cameras equipped with night vision, and eight CR123 lithium-ion batteries which mean that four batteries in each camera though they can operate with just two batteries. Other products you will come across include two magnetic mounts for quick setup anyplace and also a hub that connects the camera to the router.

Both the camera and the hub are finished in glossy white plastic. You will also find an Ethernet cable and two mounting screws. The kit comes with four metallic mounting tools which you can attach to the wall using the included screws and the drywall anchors.

Introduction To Netgear Arlo Camera

The Netgear Arlo Camera is a completely wireless High Definition Home Security Camera that meets your requirements. What makes the Arlo Camera outstanding even in harsh weather conditions is that these cameras are weatherproof. This means that you can place it indoor or outdoor, it can be in trees. This camera is capable of capturing clips and sending you alerts; it does not matter whether you are at home or away carrying out your activities.

The Arlo camera includes the night vision thus enabling you to see what is trending in the dark, motion detection which senses anything that moves and sends you notifications and alerts in case anything runs, and apps that enable you to view live clips while at home or away securely. The Arlo camera also includes Free cloud storage which allows you to store and review recent activities with the cloud storage.

Design and Features

The Arlo Camera kit comes with 4 metallic mounting devices which enable you to attach to the wall with the comprised screws and the drywall anchors. Each camera is equipped with a powerful magnet mount entrenched in the back of its casing. You can attach the camera to the mounting equipment deprived of any additional hardware or even screws. The Arlo cameras and the base station are finished in an attractive glossy white varnish.

The cameras are lightweight weighing around 4 ounces and are small measuring 2.5 inches by 1.6 inches by 2.8 inches. The cameras are IP65 waterproof. In addition, they can run in harsh temperatures ranging from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can install them outdoors in harsh weather conditions like ice. Each Arlo Camera uses four CR123 lithium-ion batteries. What makes the batteries of these cameras outstanding is that they can last for about four to six months.

The Arlo cameras are 100 percent wire-free. This means that the cameras have no outlets, no cords, and no limits on where your cameras can reach or what they can record. Installing the Arlo cameras can take you only 10 minutes or less.

Each camera has 1280 by 720 peak resolution and a 130-degree wide field of view. The cameras feature 12 infrared LEDs that provide night vision within a range of up to 25 feet. The Arlo cameras support motion detection which you can configure to trigger push notification and email alerts when the cameras sense anything that is moving. The Arlo cameras have an operating range of about 300 feet with the base station through Wi-Fi. Under optimal conditions, these cameras can cover the 300 feet range if there are few or no obstacles like walls and trees which can interfere with the signal.

The base station measures 6.5-inches by 8.5-inches by 2.3-inches and has two USB ports, LAN port, Power Button, Reset Switch, and power Jack situated at the back. Five LED status signs such as the Internet, Power, camera, USB, and Smart Home are located at the front.

Inside the App

There is an Arlo Camera App both for iOS and Android devices like tablets and smartphones. There is also a Web Portal which enables you to log in right from the browser of your PC. The live-streaming interface of these cameras has play and pause buttons, and you can also watch numerous live streams simultaneously or look at a single camera in full-screen view. The live stream mode enables you to record live video and take photos on demand and also fine-tune the brightness level.

The library mode provides you with a list of recorded videos and the snapshots which are stored in the cloud storage. When you click on any file, you will be able to view the photos and videos, share them through email, download them to your devices, or delete them. The Arlo Application also has a mode screen that enables you to create motion detection schedules. In the mode screen, you can also be able to specify times and dates when you need the motion detection of the cameras to be enabled or disabled. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection in Settings Menus and also improve the recorded video quality. Also, you can make rules to have the email alerts and push notifications sent once motion is sensed.

Installation and Performance

Installing the Arlo Camera system is very simple. You only need to connect the Ethernet cable of your hub and the power cord to your router, then connect your cameras to the base station and wait for power and the Internet LEDs to go green. Then download the Arlo application using the QR code which you will find in the instruction guide included and then create an account using your email address.

Choose the service plan you desire. The FREE service plan allows you to sync up to a maximum of five cameras. There is also a thirty-day service plan which costs 10 dollars per month and enables you to sync up to a maximum of ten cameras. Another option is a sixty-day service plan which costs 15 dollars per month and lets you to sync up to a maximum of 15 cameras. You will require more than one hub in order to accommodate so many cameras.

Once you choose your service plan, install the batteries into the cameras, and now it is time to sync your cameras. To sync the cameras, you will have to press the sync button situated on the hub and the sync button located on every camera. You will notice a Blue LED blinking on the camera for around 20 seconds, and you are ready to mount your cameras anyplace the range of the hub will allow.

You will realize that the Arlo cameras are capable of delivering sharp 720p images with vivid color quality. The black and white night vision live stream is bright and the motion detection feature works very beautifully. The email alerts and the push notifications are consistent with the motion triflers and crisp, recording clean video with each event. The outdoor camera does not fail despite being subjected to high temperatures and the wind-blown ice for a few days.

Final verdict

The Netgear Arlo Home Security camera is a smart choice if you are planning to install indoor and outdoor security cameras. The Arlo cameras are weatherproof; you can install these cameras anywhere you desire to monitor activities in and around your house. The Arlo cameras produce High Definition videos ensuring you always obtain crystal clear images of precisely what is going on and the Arlo motion detection alerts you when the pets are moving to where they shouldn’t be going.

Arlo cameras stores your recordings for free for the first seven days in the cloud storage thus you don’t have to worry missing every event. The Arlo cameras feature a night vision which makes observing tight areas in the dark a snap. If you are tired of dealing with wires every time you want to install a security camera, then the Arlo Home Security Camera is a perfect choice. With these cameras you don’t have to worry about the wires or the cords, the Arlo cameras are Wire-free.

Do you consider yourself to be a pet lover? Perhaps you snuggle with your pooch each and every night? Dogs and Cats can undeniably be man and woman’s best friend. As someone, who has grown incredibly close to his or her pet, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry friend at home, while you head to work or school. You’ll know that your dog or cat will be there wagging their tail when you arrive home, but quelling your concerns in the meantime can be nearly impossible. To calm your nerves, you should consider investing in the best pet camera money can buy.

Buying Guide for best camera for pets at home

What is a pet camera and what can it do for you?

Within this comprehensive guide, you will discover more information regarding pet cameras and will learn precisely what to consider when looking at a pet camera review. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have enough knowledge to acquire the most reliable and effective monitoring camera for your precious loved one.

The Basics

Before going any further, it is essential to learn about the basics of the pet monitor. As the name implies, this device is a camera, which gives you the ability to monitor your pet’s behavior. Since technology is more effective and versatile than ever before, it is possible to find monitoring devices, which can be viewed from hundreds of miles away. And, the power options for these cameras are very diverse. Some utilize rechargeable batteries, while others require a wall outlet. Nonetheless, they’ll all serve the same purpose of allowing you to monitor your pet’s behavior, so you can keep him or her out of trouble from afar.

Why Buy A Pet Camera?

When it comes down to it, many consumers will fail to recognize the paramount importance of this type of camera initially. The truth of the matter is that all pet owners should consider making the investment. This type of camera will provide you with peace of mind, while also ensuring your dog doesn’t do something terrible, while you’re away from home. Below, you’ll discover the enormous benefits of owing this type of camera.

Peace Of Mind

As mentioned above, nothing is worse than leaving your loved one alone. Once you’ve left your home, your dog or cat will be forced to fend for themselves. In most cases, they’ll be totally fine, but this won’t stop your mind from consistently focusing on the worst case scenario. However, if you have a camera, which is designed to monitor your pet, you’ll be able to put a halt to your concerns easily. Just use your mobile device to access your camera’s stream and you’ll see right away that your pet is safe and sound.

Prevent Bad Behavior

If you’ve trained your dog properly, he or she will obey your verbal commands. A simple stop command will halt your dog’s behavior within an instant. With the utilization of a pet monitor, you’ll be able to give your dog commands from anywhere in the world. Most of these cameras offer 2-way audio, so you’ll be able to speak to your dog directly through your mobile phone. When you spot him chewing on your slipper, you can give him a verbal command and put a halt to his nonsense, before it is too late.

Enhances Security

Although this type of camera is primarily designed to monitor your pet and his or her behavior, it can also serve other purposes. Since these cameras will have an extended field of view, they’ll capture footage of an entire room, if not more. If someone breaks into your home, your pet cam could potentially capture their presence. This will give you the ability to take action immediately and alert the appropriate authorities. And of course, this will help to ensure that your pet won’t suffer any abuse at the hands of the intruder.

Truly, a pet cam can be immensely beneficial. It’ll calm your nerves, protect your pet, and potentially even prevent a break in. Just remember that you’ll need to acquire an efficient camera, which is worth your time and money. By utilizing the information below, you’ll be able to do just that.

What To Look For In A Pet Camera

Your pet means the world to you, which is why his/her safety, comfort, and health are so important to you. When you leave your pet at home alone every day and go to work, you feel probably feel like you have abandoned him. Well, this is farther from the truth, since you are always thinking about his welfare throughout the day. There are many factors that must be considered, when investing in a new pet monitor. Below, you will discover a list of features, explained in depth to help you see why they are so important.

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology is growing in popularity every minute of the day. Manufacturers across the industries are embedding it into their products, including the thermostat, doorbell, deadbolts, lighting, blinds, vacuum cleaners and security cameras. This technology offers a communication gateway, so users can connect these devices to their smartphone and the Internet. Each device comes with its very own app, which must be downloaded to the smartphone. Once the download is complete, users can monitor and control the device from anywhere in the world. This technology will be discussed throughout the article, because it is utilized to enhance each feature embedded into the pet cam.

Two-Way Communication System

Pet cameras have definitely changed over the years. Today, they are embedded with a variety of features that enhance their functionality. The two-way communication system is a vital feature that allows pet owners to communicate with their canines, cats, or cockatiel. The Wireless Technology is what makes this action possible. Users can easily access their app-enabled device to communicate with their pet. Of course, your pet may be a little disturbed by hearing your voice and not being able to see you in person for the first few days. Once he becomes accustomed to this action, he will begin to look forward to hearing your voice.

HD Camera And Live-Stream Video

Another necessity is a HD camera, with a wide-angle lens. This feature will give you peace of mind as a pet owner, because it will provide you a live-stream video feed. It is important to make sure that the camera is capable of panning, scanning, and zooming, so you can control it with your app enabled smartphone. You can also access the app interface to access a live-stream video feed and capture photos to share with your friends and co-workers. You will be able to monitor your pet’s behavior and safety throughout the day, even when you are traveling internationally. Many of the pet cams will support multiple devices simultaneously, so others can connect to it, as well.

Night Vision

If you are going to be away from your home during the night, it is best to have a camera that has night vision capabilities. Night vision utilizes a special Infrared Technology that will give you a crystal clear picture of your pet, even in the darkest environment. However, when shopping you need to keep in mind that some night vision cameras will appear in black and white during the night hours. Whereas, if you are willing to pay a little more you can get a camera that displays a better image, but it will be well worth the extra splurge.

If your pet has an extended amount of room to move around, you are going to want to get a camera with an extended night vision range.

Calming Scents

Pets can get stressed out when you leave them alone for long hours at a time. Sometimes this results to them using the bathroom in the house and chewing up items. If this sounds like your pet, you should consider investing in a monitor that features a calming scent dispenser. This is a unique feature and is not available on many monitors, but it is certainly something worth looking into. The camera is designed with a spray dispenser that will disperse a scent that offers a calming effect. The specialized formula was carefully designed to give your pet a sense of well-being, but without all the dangerous side effects.

Field Of View

The camera’s field of view is absolutely pertinent. Your dog isn’t going to sit idle all day, so you’ll need a camera that will be able to track him or her throughout the home. The field of view, FOV, will tell you precisely how much you’ll be able to see when viewing the live stream. A larger FOV will allow you to see a larger quantity of the room and vice versa. Since dogs can be hyper and will roam frequently, a wider field of view is recommended.

Power Options

Cameras have improved substantially over the years. They’re now more innovative and convenient than ever before. In the past, it was a necessity to hardwire the camera or plug it into an electrical outlet. Today, this is no longer the case. You can now opt for cordless cameras, which are powered by rechargeable batteries. This type of setup will prove to be much more convenient, but you’ll need to be diligent and make sure you keep the batteries charged. If you’re forgetful or just don’t have the time to recharge the batteries, a corded camera might be a better fit.

Just remember that the corded option will restrict your potential installation choices and complicate the setup to some degree.

Detection And Notifications

Pet cameras are a little different from security cameras. A large quantity of security cameras is monitored by a professional company. With a pet camera, you’ll most likely be responsible for monitoring the footage on your own. Unfortunately, it is truly impossible to keep an eye on the screen consistently when you’re at work or school. Thankfully, most cameras are equipped with motion and sound detection capabilities. And, many cameras will send a notification directly to your phone when motion or sound is detected.

When attempting to acquire the best pet camera, this feature is a necessity! It’ll help to ensure you do not miss anything.

Storage Options

Whether you’re shopping for a dog camera or a security camera, you’ll find that these devices are capable of storing recorded content. Of course, each camera will do this differently. Since the Cloud technology has grown enormously popular, most pet cams will give you the ability to upload the recorded content to a Cloud storage platform, where you’ll be able to view it for a specific period of time. Although the Cloud is very beneficial and more than reliable, this type of storage option may come with a monthly charge. If you prefer a more cost effective option, you should look for a camera, which is compatible with an SD card.

This will give you the option of storing the content directly to the card, without being forced to pay monthly.

Setup Difficulty

In the past, it took a professional to install a camera. As technology has evolved, it has become more simplistic and much more consumer friendly. Today, it is possible to find pet monitors, which can be installed within a matter of minutes. Some even come with a plug in and play setup. If you do not consider yourself to be tech savvy, you will most certainly want to opt for a camera with an easier setup procedure.

Mobile App

In all likelihood, you’ll find yourself viewing your pet camera’s stream through your mobile phone most often. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure your camera of choice is compatible with your phone’s operating system. Most cameras are available with iOS and Android apps, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, be sure that the app will provide you with complete control over the cameras features, without too much complexity.


There are numerous factors to consider when attempting to invest in a worthwhile pet cam. However, one of the most pertinent is truly the warranty. The warranty won’t impact the camera’s performance, but it will help to protect your investment. If anything goes wrong with your camera shortly after the purchase, you’ll want to make sure you can get the problem rectified, without spending excessively or being forced to buy a new cam. This is where the warranty will come into play. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra, if it means you’ll get a longer warranty! It’ll prove to be well worth it in the in.

What Are Pet Cameras?

Pet cameras are an easy and fun way for you to see, talk to, and interact with your furry friends no matter where you are. Many people get busy and wish that they could spend more time with their animals. Likewise, pets like to spend as much time with their owners as possible even though cats don’t always show it.

Why Do You Need Them?

Pet cams are a great way to do this. Camera-specific apps for computers, smartphones, or tablets allow these devices to communicate with the cameras. This puts control over the camera, alerts, speakers, treat dispenser, laser pointer, or other features at your fingertips.

Along with peace of mind and strengthening bonds, pet cams can be training devices. This makes them particularly useful if you’re worried about leaving a new pup at home alone. When they do something wrong or become distressed, you can correct their bad behavior or calm them with your voice. If the camera also has a screen on it, your pets can see you too.

What Types of Pet Cameras Are There?

A camera is just a camera, right? Not exactly.

Video quality, streaming features, and device features vary among pet cams.

In the end, a pet camera that works for your neighbor might not be the best option for you. Take a quick look at the main pet cam types below.

Indoor Cameras

As the name suggests, indoor cameras are designed for you to set them up inside your home. They come with different setup options. For example, you could mount them to a wall or tripod or simply set them on a flat surface such as a table, shelf, countertop, or dresser.

Outdoor Cameras

Similarly, outdoor cameras are designed for you to set them up outside of your home. Most of the time, you mount them to an outside wall, usually just underneath the eaves or gutters so that you get a good view of your yard. They’re made to withstand general weather such as rain and snow but might become damaged in hail or extreme weather.

Interactive Cameras

This type of pet cam allows you to do more than just see what your pets are doing. Some interactive cameras have voice communication so that you can talk to your pets and vice versa.

A few even have screens on them so that your pets can see you too. Others include lasers that let you play with your pets.

Treat Cameras

As they sound, treat cameras are designed with dispensers that allow you to give your pet treats. There’s usually a lid that you open to load the treats inside. You might also use the dispenser for medications.

Buyer Guide for Pet Cams

Within the above pet, cam categories are many options to consider for your home. To help you determine which features are the best for your needs, we’ve listed the findings from our pet camera review. It includes a look at the features that set the standard for the best in pet monitoring.

Real-Time Video Streaming

One of the most important features for pet cams is live streaming. Without it, there’s not much use in having a camera to monitor your furry friends.

Normal surveillance cameras give you insight into what your pets do all day. However, most of them only record video rather than stream what’s happening in real-time.

Only live-streaming cameras have the potential to let you interact with your pets as well.

Night Vision

If you work night shifts or decide to go out at night, you’ll need night vision to see your pets while you’re gone. With most night vision pet cameras, the video quality looks a little fuzzy while you use this feature. However, you can still clearly tell what you’re pets are doing.

Voice Recognition

Being able to talk to your pets is a wonderful feature. A lot of pet cams have microphones and speakers so that your pets can hear and talk to you.

The pet cams also send alerts to your phone when they pick up barking or other loud noises. These notify you when your animals detect something or feel distressed. You can then use the mobile app to find out what’s happening and soothe your pets.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are very useful when you put pet cameras in certain rooms where your pets aren’t allowed. On the other hand, they’re perfect for detecting if your pets leave the room in which they’re supposed to stay. The pet cam will activate and send a notification to your phone to alert you.

Treat Dispensers

As one of the newest developments for pet cameras, treat dispensers give you the chance to reward your pets throughout the day. Being able to give your animal treats is a great way to train them. It’s also fun to spoil your animals every now and then.

Do you forget to give your pets their medicine before you leave for work? Instead of using the dispenser for treats, use it for medications. Now you never have to worry about missing a dose.

Laser Pointers

Our pet camera review found that laser pointers are one of the funniest features for pet cameras. Cats definitely go crazy when they see the red light shining on and moving around the floor and walls.

You control the laser pointer from the mobile app or use an automatic feature that does it for you.

However, be careful about using the laser with dogs because it makes some of them anxious.

Other Unique Features

Some pet cameras throw in other features that keep your animals safe. A monitor and alerts for carbon monoxide or other chemicals are one unique feature. Another is sensors that detect humidity levels and temperature in your home.

Why You Should Buy a Pet Camera

Our pet camera review found that having a pet cam offers many benefits and is a good investment in general. It’s great for purely satisfying your curiosity about what your pets do all day while you’re gone. It also gives you peace of mind if you worry about how your pets get along. This is particularly beneficial if you’ve added a new furry friend to the family.

Do you ever return home to find a surprise? Maybe one of your pets chewed up your furniture or shoes. It might not be easy to tell which one did it, but having a pet cam can solve that mystery. If one of your animals is peeing in certain areas of your home, there might be a medical condition that you don’t know about. Catching it on camera could help you and the vet figure it out.

Have you ever come home to find that one of your pets is injured? Hopefully, this isn’t the case. With a pet cam, however, your furry companion doesn’t have to wait until you normally get home to get help. If there’s an emergency, you might be able to call an emergency vet or appropriate service for help.

Is It Easy to Set Up a Pet Camera?

For our pet camera review, setup was rather painless. Some of the products even guarantee that it only takes 60 seconds. This is mainly because the only cord involved is an AC adapter to power the camera. Everything else is wireless. Gone are the days of setting up recording systems and storage units.

After you find the perfect spot to set up your camera, plug it into a nearby power outlet. Download the app for your computer or mobile device, and follow the setup instructions on the screen. Other than adjusting the preference for your camera through the app, that’s all set up requires.


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