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Best Bathroom Heater 2020– Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

When the temperatures outside are chilly, our only solace is always indoors with our darling heaters. It is scary to think of enduring winter without the best bathroom heater in the house. Heater technology has continued to evolve over a couple of years, making space heating easier. Bathroom heaters brought much convenience into how we heat our bathroom spaces. These are heaters specially designed for use in bathrooms. They interrupt electric current immediately they come into contact with water, ensuring they don’t get damaged. The bathroom stays warm all the time, and so you don’t have to be scared every time you think of taking a shower. Modern bathroom heaters come with a lot of cool functions that make your showers a lot more exciting. These will make you want to spend a couple more minutes in the bathroom.

The bathroom heater is an essential gadget to have, especially if you live in locations that experience winter. You do not want to wake up to a chilly bathroom. A few seconds of being exposed to icy conditions are enough to make you sick. Having the best bathroom heater, therefore, becomes essential. As important as it is, not everyone knows the specifics of a bathroom heater or what features to look for while purchasing one. Getting the best space heater for bathroom might, therefore, not be a very straightforward task for many people. The following is a review of various bathroom heaters available in the market, whose aim is to have you covered with insight next time you are looking for a bathroom heater. Below is a comparison table of the heaters we are going to review.

Best Bathroom Heater 2018

1) NuTone 9093WH – Best Bathroom Heater

The Nutone 9093 comes in not just as a bathroom heater, but also as a ventilator and a light. That’s killing three birds with one stone. It heats up space almost instantly. It would be annoying for you to wake up every morning and have to wait for your central heater to warm up your entire house. The central heater is also bound to consume more electrical power and hence bloated electricity bills. The Nutone has safety measures to ensure it lasts long and safeguards the bathroom users from any hazards too. It doubles up as a ventilator and light ensuring you have fresh air and enough light as you take your shower. The Nutone 9093 is a ceiling-mount heater. Therefore, it is always away from potential damage in the bathroom.

Core Features

  • It comes with a four-function wall switch.
  • It features a galvanized steel housing.
  • It has an 8-inch grill diameter.
  • It comes with a 7watt nightlight.
  • It weighs 17 pounds.


  • The heater comes with three functions; these are; heating, ventilating and lighting.
  • The galvanized steel housing ensures it remains protected from damage.
  • It gives ample light at night.
  • The ventilator function helps to clear out fog quickly after a shower.
  • The four-function wall switch allows controlling the temperatures you want for the bathroom.


  • The fan for the ventilator function could be noisy, especially when it starts to wear out.
  • It is not very efficient in large bathrooms.


The installation of the Nutone 9093 involves creating a space for it on your ceiling and ensuring appropriate wiring for it has been done. The installation is not complicated, but you might require the help of a technician if you are not a hands-on person. The installation services shouldn’t be expensive and shouldn’t take long either. The heater requires an installation space of 1 by 8 inches on your ceiling. You will need to mount together its hanger bars, mounting brackets and detachable junctions during the installation. Wiring for power supply is also needed. The package should come with step by step installation guide, but you can always seek the help of a technician if you find it difficult to do it yourself.


The Nutone 9093 is designed for a small, possibly one-person use bathroom. Its deliverables are therefore acceptable. It should have a price on the lower-end from its specifications. If you have a small bathroom, it is a perfect hack for you.

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2) StiebelEltron CK 15E – Best Bathroom Wall Heater

The StiebelEltron is a wall-mount heater. Its design involves well-covered inner components with vents to allow smooth air movement. This design couples up with a frost protector to make it a good option for your bathroom. The design is attractive, and the heater can be easily mounted on a wall. It features a control knob that you can use to set or modify temperatures. It works by pulling in cold air through vents on its tops and releasing warm air through vents at the bottom.

Core Features

  • It comes with an inbuilt thermostat.
  • It features a heat booster timer.
  • It has a frost protection system.
  • It has a 1500W power draw.


  • The frost control makes it usable in humid conditions. It can, therefore, be used in a bathroom.
  • The heat booster timer allows you to boost up temperatures for a specific duration after which it switches back to the normal temperatures.
  • It is designed to be easily mountable on the walls.
  • The design is compact and can fit almost anywhere.


  • The fan can be noisy.
  • It does not come with a power cable; requires hard wiring connection.


The installation of the StiebelEltron is easy and quick. The heater sticks 5’’ out from the wall. Since the heater emits warm air at the bottom, ensure that it remains with not less than 4’’ of free space to the bottom after installation. The heater does not come with a power cord and requires hard wiring to connect it to power. Its package has guidelines on how to go about the hard wiring. You should seek the help of an extra pair of hands if you are not confident enough to handle electric cables though.


The StiebelEltron is both convenient and powerful. It allows a variety of temperatures, and it has easy controls. It is easily mountable and applicable to almost all places. It can be used as a stand-alone heater if the room is not very big. As far as bathroom heaters are concerned this heater fits as one of the best. It can heat a fairly large space than the Nutone 9093. This makes it a better option if your bathroom is large.

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3) Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L 80 CFM Best Bathroom Ceiling Heater

The Delta BreezRadiance features a unique design that will add up as a decoration to your space. Just like the Nutone 9093, it features three functions; heating, ventilation, and lighting. It is a ceiling mount heater. It comes while fully assembled though, and all you need to do is mount it on your ceiling. It is usable in a bathroom as it comes equipped with a protection system that guards against getting damaged by humid conditions.

Core Features

  • It has an inbuilt thermostat.
  • Its casing is made of galvanized steel.
  • It comes with a detachable 4-inch adapter.
  • The heating module is equipped with a thermal cut off system.
  • The heating element has a power draw of 1300w.
  • It comes with a 26w lamp.


  • The galvanized steel casing protects it from corrosion.
  • The detachable adapter makes it easy to connect to power.
  • The thermal cut-off help protects it from overheating and damage.
  • It doubles up as a ventilator and light too.
  • Its installation is simple and quick.


  • The heater is designed to consume little power, so the heat production tends to be capped at a low level.
  • It is not suitable for a large space


The heater comes fully assembled and with a power adapter. It is therefore easy and quick to install. You need to mount it on your ceiling and plug it into power.


The Delta BreezRadiance is an all-around heater, though it is not optimized for heat production. Its heat level may therefore not be ideal for in extremely cold conditions. Different people will be comfortable with different levels of heat in different circumstances. It is a good option though if you are looking for a heater that produces moderate heat levels at maximum while optimizing on saving power.

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4) Panasonic FV-11VH2 Bathroom Ceiling Heater

The Panasonic FV is yet another ceiling -mount heater that is designed to last long. It has a compact and simple design that is geared towards making it durable and easy to install. It is a great fit for a bathroom. It can handle a relatively larger space. It requires a dedicated circuit with the house though. This heater is a great option for those looking for a heater that can move large volumes of air and produce high temperatures.

Core Features

  • It has a 1400w stainless steel heating element.
  • It takes one minute to warm up space.
  • It comes with a thermal fuse protection system.
  • It fits into a space of 2 by 8 inches.


  • It heats up the air to high temperatures, which are essential in chilly conditions.
  • The thermal fuse system protects it from damage.
  • It is a fairly durable heater.
  • It can be used in almost all places, including bathrooms.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It warms the space within a short duration.


  • It consumes a bit more electrical power compared to other heaters
  • It requires a dedicated 20A circuit. This might mean you have to incur an extra cost during installation


The heater comes while fully assembled. It also comes with a power adapter. It is therefore easy to install as you have to create the required space on the ceiling and mount it. You might have to get an electrician to install a wiring system for the heater since it requires a dedicated circuit. Once you have the circuit, you connect it to power through the adapter, and you are set to go.


The Panasonic FV is a powerful and durable heater. These are possibly the two most desirable features in a bathroom heater. If you experience chilly conditions from time to time, this could be your heater. You might have to pay higher electricity bills though.

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5) Broan 655 Bathroom Heater with Light Combination

The Broan 655 is specially designed with the bathroom in mind. It comes in a sleek design that will add some sparkle to your bathroom. This ceiling mount bathroom heater doubles up as a light too. Its design is compact, and it is easy to install. It can heat a bathroom of up to 65 square feet. It comes with a three-way switch, to switch across its three functions. These functions are; heating, ventilation, and lighting. You do have to buy the bulb for the light separately though.

Core Features

  • It has three functions; heating, ventilation, and lighting.
  • It has 1300w heating element.
  • It allows for a bulb of up to 100W.
  • It heats up spaces up to 65 square feet in size.
  • The fan and heater can function together or separately.


  • It blends well with a bathroom as a décor piece.
  • It has high-temperature production capabilities.
  • It heats up space within a short duration.
  • It has three functions which can work together or independently.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It requires a dedicated 10A circuit while installing.


Apart from having to seek the services of an electrician to install the 10A circuit, the rest of the installation is simple and quick. The Broan 655 fits in the space of 2 by 6 inches on the ceiling.


The Broan 655 is designed to fit perfectly in a bathroom and add up as a decorative piece. Its performance is good enough, and it is easy to install. These features make it easy to look at it as one of the best bathroom heaters available.

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6) SUNBEAM Fan Heater – Best Portable Bathroom Heater

The Sunbeam Fan Heater is a portable heater that can be moved around or mounted on a wall. It has brackets that allow you to mount it on walls and remove it whenever you want. This heater is similar to the Lasko 754200 in appearance. It is convenient in that it is portable and has a high and low-temperature setting. However, unlike the Lasko 754200, the Sunbeam Fan Heater can be used in a bathroom. It has a protection system that guards it against humid conditions

Core Features

  • It features a digital adjustable thermostat.
  • It comes with the overheat protection system.
  • It has ALCI plug protection.
  • It features two settings modes; high and low.
  • It has a carry handle and comes with wall mount brackets.


  • The ALCI plug protection allows the heater to be used in humid conditions. It can, therefore, be used in the bathroom.
  • The overheat protection system protects it from damage.
  • It offers great convenience with its portability and mounting allowance.
  • It requires no assembling.


  • It cannot heat a large space. It is only ideal for small rooms.


The Sunbeam Fan Heater comes with great convenience since it is portable. It is however limited to small spaces. It might therefore not be ideal if you have a large bathroom. The portability could be a downside too. A gadget that is consistently moved around is always prone to damage.

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7) Broan 174 Wall Heater

The Broan 174 is the second wall heater we will look at in this review. It is a unique wall-mount heater, in its design and performance. Its installation is simple so long you have the space for it on your wall. It can work well as a bathroom heater. It has a strong housing to protect it from damage. It can easily be removed from the housing for dusting. It warms up pretty fast. It is ideal for small spaces or as a supplemental heater.

Core Features

  • It comes with a 1500-watt heating element.
  • It has a steel housing material.
  • It has an auto shut-off feature.
  • It comes with variable heat settings.
  • It has a color-coordinated knob for tuning.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat for varying the temperatures.


  • The heating element can produce enough heat for small spaces.
  • The steel housing material provides ample protection.
  • The auto shut-off will shut off the heater when it’s not needed.


  • It is not suitable for large spaces.
  • The 1500 watts may translate into high electrical bills.


The heater can be recessed or mounted on a wall. Wall mounting requires a mounting kit that can be bought separately.


The Broan 174 is unique in its appearance but compares the same to most of the heaters we have looked at, regarding its performance. It is, therefore, still a good heater for a bathroom. Issues such as its installation, appearance and additional features may be the ones to inform your choice of buying it or leaving it.

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8) King W1215

The King W1215 is yet another wall-mount heater. The heater is powerful and comes with a thin design that requires a small space on the wall. It can heat a fairly larger area than most of the heaters we have looked at so far. It is applicable in bathrooms. Its installation is also quite simple. It features a Nichrome heating element that heats up space pretty fast.

Core Features

  • It has a 1500-watt heating element.
  • It has a four-bladed impeller fan.
  • The outer casing is powder coated.
  • It has an automatic switch-off system.
  • It has two modes, a low mode of 500watts and a high mode of 1000watts.


  • It can produce high levels of heat.
  • The auto-switch-off system protects it from damage.
  • The powder coated housing is protected from corrosion.
  • It is applicable in almost all spaces, including bathrooms.
  • It heats up fairly large space. It will comfortably heat a large bathroom.
  • It is easy to install.


  • The 1500-watt heating element can lead to high electricity bills.
  • The fan can be noisy.


The only challenge in its installation is making space for it on the wall. Most houses will be constructed with spaces for heaters though. Its installation involves connecting it to power and screwing it into place. It can be done in under 30min.


The King W1215 is a powerful heater as compared to most of the heaters we have already reviewed. It is also versatile concerning the places where it can be used and its ease of installation. It is, therefore, safe to bet that it is one of the highest-ranking bathroom heaters. This heater should appear in your list of considerations if you are not willing to compromise on any aspect of bathroom heating.

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9) Broan Model 157

The creators of the Broan 157 heater model approached the design of a heater from a completely different perspective. This heater looks like a conventional fan. It is circular and can be easily mounted on the ceiling. It is a great spot heater and delivers acceptable levels of heat. Its power draw is moderate and therefore a great option for someone looking to save power.

Core Features

  • It has a 1250-watt heating element.
  • It has an automatic overheat protection system.
  • It has an automatic shut off system.
  • It has a permanently lubricated motor.


  • The automatic overheat protection safeguards it from damage.
  • The auto-shut-off systems shut it off when it’s not needed.
  • Its power consumption is moderate.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It requires a 15A dedicated circuit which may cost more to install.


Apart from the extra circuit needed for the heater, the rest of the installation is simple and quick. You screw it into the ceiling and connect it to power.


The Broan 157 is a heater of a completely different design in its outward appearance. Concerning its performance, it is a moderate heater as compared to the others. It is a fantastic option for those looking for a heater that consumes less energy though.

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Having gone through some bathroom heaters, you probably have an idea about how your next heater should look like. The choice of a heater is ultimately dependent on personal circumstances. These circumstances could include aspects such as the size of your bathroom, the geographical location where you live and your electricity charges. For instance, if your bathroom is expansive, you will need a heater that is capable of heating a large space.

From the review, we can pinpoint some critical factors that are supposed to inform your decisions as you shop for a bathroom heater. These include; performance, safety, power consumption, and price.

The performance of a heater is measured by its ability to produce enough heat for a given measure of space. A good performance means, being able to heat up a larger space adequately. The heater you choose should be able to handle the space, that is your bathroom adequately and comfortably. Have in mind the measure of the space that is your bathroom while shopping and compare it with the performance of various heaters to find one that fits. Always go for the heater that can heat an even larger space than the one you have. You will be less worried about not having enough warmth when the temperatures turn chilly.

These heaters are electric, and they, therefore, add onto the payments you make on electricity bills. It is therefore important to consider the power consumption of the gadget that you intend to purchase. Make sure your electricity charges will remain at manageable levels once you start using the heater. The higher the power draw for the heating is the higher its electricity costs. It is important also to realize that the less the power draw, the less the heat the heater is capable of producing. You should not, therefore, comprise too much to end up with a heater that cannot adequately cater for your heating needs. Find a way to balance your heating needs and the costs you can afford to incur.

The safety of the people the heater will be serving is paramount and should never be compromised. As such always make sure that the heater you purchase has all the necessary certifications. All electric gadgets should have a safety certification. Do not purchase one that has no proof of safety certification.

The price of the bathroom heaters is varied. Therefore, the money you have to spend on the heater will be the ultimate determinant of which heater you will get. Again, try to strike a balance between your heating needs and what you can afford.

This review is long and may therefore not be usable while you are shopping. As such, its content is available in simplified table format below. You can quickly skim through this table and be informed, next time you are out looking for a bathroom heater. It contains the products, individual specifications, and prices.

Name Core Features Price
NuTone 9093WH
  • The housing is made of galvanized steel
  • It features a four-function wall switch.
  • The heater has a weight of 17pounds.
  • The light has a 7watt power draw.
  • The grill diameter measures 8 inches
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StiebelEltron CK 15E
  • The heating element has a power draw of 1500 watt.
  • The frost protection allows it to be used in the bathroom.
  • It features the heat boost timer.
  • The inbuilt adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust heat
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Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L 80 CFM
  • The heater’s casing is made of galvanized steel.
  • The detachable 4-inch adapter makes it convenient.
  • Safety is guaranteed with the thermal cut off system.
  • The heater has a 1300w heating element.
  • The lamp has a power draw of 26 watts.
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Panasonic FV-11VH2
  • The heater fits in a 2 by 8 inches space.
  • The thermals fuse protection prevents overheating.
  • It warms up within one minute.
  • The heating element has a 1400-watt power draw.
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Broan 655
  • It has three modes; heat only, fan only or both.
  • It can handle a spec of up to 65 square feet.
  • The heating element has a power draw of 1300w
  • The heater comes with multiple air conditioning functions.
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SUNBEAM Fan Heater
  • The heater comes with convenient carry handles.
  • It has two modes; high heat and low heat.
  • The heater features the ALCI plug protection.
  • The overheat protection system prevents overheating
  • The digital adjustable thermostat allows varied temperatures.
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Broan 174 Wall Heater
  • The adjustable thermostat enables varied heat settings
  • The color-coordinated knob helps tune the heater to the required heat.
  • The casing of the heater is made of steel
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King W1215
  • The heater has heating element of 1500 watts in power draw.
  • It comes with a four-bladed impeller fan
  • The heater has two heat settings. A low mode of 500 watts and a high mode of 1000watts.
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Broan Model 157
  • The permanently lubricated motor ensures no downtime.
  • The automatic shut-off and overheat protection systems enhance safety.
  • The heating elements draw 1250 watts.
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Best Bathroom Heater 2018 – Buyer’s Guide (DEEP INSIGHT)

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for best bathroom heater 2018 to have a deep insight for a better decision.

Your bathroom is a must visit the room in your house. The visit, however, may not be pleasant if every time you end up shivering after a bath. If you reside in the colder parts of the world, then a bathroom heater is a must-have companion to contain the situation. This, however, does not mean that individuals living in warmer areas can do without this equipment. Far from it! On the contrary, the mornings and evenings when we tend to take a bath are cold. Also, during the winter season, you may find showering to be a big deal where the temperatures are low enough even to cause your floor to freeze hence the need to own this important asset.

Types Of Bathroom Heaters And How To Buy Them

Bathroom heaters come in different types depending on their mounting and power release style. These heaters also have different designs and price ranges which will vary among buyers. There are two major bathroom heater types: the forced air heat and the radiant heat. The forced air heat emits hot air into a room while the radiant heat utilizes either the electric coils or light bulbs to warm a room. The following includes more heater types that fall into one of these categories:

Wall mounted heaters: These heaters are the most common in many homes. They are electric and easy to install. Their location away from the sinks and bathtub makes them a safer heater option in the bathroom.

Exhaust fan combos: Where your bathroom is small and poorly ventilated, consider using this type of heaters. The fan feature in these heaters thins out the humid environment while distributing the heat at the same time.

Baseboard heaters: These heaters fit at the bathroom’s baseboard during installation and connect directly to the electrical wires. They are safe to use but very expensive.

Portable heaters: These heaters are easy to move around within the house. They are most useful during the winter season and offer a cheaper warming alternative.  Where you use it in the bathroom, exercise utmost care since the heater uses electricity. This is because the heater’s contact with water is hazardous. You can also consider heaters with the ALCI plug for their safety since such heaters rarely overheat.

Ceiling mounted heaters: This heater employs the bulb heater technique to warm your bathroom. The heater’s location on the ceiling makes it the safest for the bathrooms for its location away from the sink and bathtub. Upon installation, the heater remains on the ceiling for the rest of its life. If you have children or pets moving around, this heater is, therefore, the ideal purchase. Also, if you own an apartment with no possibility of movement in the future, this heater is ideal to install. The heater also saves up on space due to its location.

Bathroom light heater: As its name suggests, this heater heats the room using light bulbs that also light the room. The heaters feature an exhaust fan hence a three in one heater package.

Ceramic space heaters: These heaters are a special type of convection heaters. They utilize a fan mechanism to distribute heat to the room. To enhance user safety at high temperatures, this heater features a built-in ceramic disc.

Infrared heaters: These heaters heat the objects directly using radiation just like the sun upon which the objects start to radiate heat on their own. They warm up the tile plates hence ideal for bathrooms. The heat from infrared heaters is healthy especially for individuals suffering from the Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) during the dark winter season.

Considering the many types of heaters, as a smart buyer, you need to do a thorough and keen analysis of your needs against the type of heater. Some of the factors to consider will include:

The pace the heater gets warm: a good heater will heat your bathroom space within a shorter time and retain the heat longer.

Bathroom ventilation: a well-ventilated bathroom can use any heater type without requiring extra ventilation. However, if your bathroom’s ventilation is poor, consider heaters with incorporated fans.

The bathroom footprint: This refers to the space the heater will occupy in your bathroom. Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom has limited space. You definitely do not want to reduce this space further hence consider heaters with either small footprints or no footprints at all. Thus, ceiling heaters which lack footprints are an excellent solution. Where you are not able to install this type of heater, then consider the wall mounted, baseboard or the portable heaters whose footprints are small.

How permanent is your installation? If you are a tenant, considering the temporary heaters for your household use is a great idea. This will not only save you on the installation costs every time you shift but will also prevent possible damages to your heater. Alternatively, if you are own an apartment, then consider setting a permanent heater.

Installation: Each heater requires unique installation. Therefore, before walking to a dealer shop to actualize your purchase, consider the exact point you want to set your heater. With the wall and ceiling mounted heaters, this location is almost automatic. However, with the portable heaters, consider your safety and identify locations such as behind the door where the water cannot reach the heater. Alternatively, you can improvise a location around that area to ensure your safety while using the bathroom.

Special Features To Consider When Buying A Bathroom Heater

The decision to purchase the best bathroom heater involves a careful assessment of its special features which include:

The heater’s design: Purchasing a heater whose shape, style, color and material match your taste may just be a satisfying experience for you. While settling for these features, always remember that quality and safety are the most important qualities in the long run.

Installation: depending on your budget, you may need to cover up for the installation costs especially if you are not a DIY user.

The casing: Since the casing covers the heater components, it should not be too hot for you to touch as this will be a risk. Therefore, consider heaters with not more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit as this heat is not hot enough to burn your fabrics.

Heater size: The heater should be small enough to fit in your bathroom. Where you select a portable heater, ensure it has a good handle to facilitate portability even after immediate use.

The cost: The initial cost plus the running costs are important purchase elements. You want to enjoy the warmth without lamenting on your utility bills thus; purchasing an energy efficient heater is the way to go. To ensure this, consider the wattage each heater emits with respect to its power consumption. Where the heater uses less to produce more, then it is efficient, and you should consider purchasing it.

Safety of the heater: Unlike other rooms, the bathroom has constantly running water thus a risky place to install electric equipment. For this reason, you need to embrace the safety features when it comes to best bathroom heater right from the dealer’s shop. Therefore, check for the overheat protection, tip-over protection; whether the heater is waterproof and how effective it can handle the damp conditions in the bathroom. Also in relation to this, consider the safety certification of your heater unit. Depending on your country’s regulation, check whether your heater is UL, NTRL or CSA listed to ensure their compliance with these bodies regulations.

Tech Specs

Besides the visible features on your best bathroom heater, you also need to check the technical specifications to check for the heater efficiency. These specs include:

Thermostat and timer: These control features offer a secure way for your heater to shut off when the heating is at optimal levels to prevent overheating. Therefore you may want to consider a heater with the thermostat feature or timer to regulate the intervals when the heater goes off. Most heaters feature a 1500watts and 750 watts high and low settings respectively.  With a thermostat, your heater output will remain at manageable levels.

Quiet operation: When using your heater, whether fan controlled or not, the last thing you want to hear is the disturbing noise. Thus, consider heaters with quiet operation. In the event you buy one with a fan-only option, consider normal fan sound rather than the strange crackling sounds.

Warranty: The warranty is indicative of the product quality. Companies willing to take the risk of repair and replacements usually make the best quality products such that you enjoy their services more conveniently even beyond the warranty period.

Choosing The Best Heater For Your Lifestyle

The best space heater for bathroom will depend on your lifestyle as well as the budget. However, as a guide, consider compact space heaters that have fans. These types of heaters are not only cheap but also safe to use. Their compact design enables you to fit them anywhere, at least five to six feet away from your body so that the heat can impact the most on you. With compact heaters, you need to decide between purchasing the ceramic plate type or the open coil. For your bathroom use, the ceramic types are much safer yet very warm.

The best space heater: Since the bathroom is a small area, getting the best heater for a small space like the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater is ideal. This heater is cheap and features quiet operation with three quiet settings namely: the High Heat, Low Heat and Fan only settings. It is also energy efficient, with a lower heat consumption for high output, saving you on the operational costs in the long run. The heater is also economical. It heats up quickly, raising the room temperature faster than other heater models at the same price.

Alternatively, if you want to settle for the best heater at an extra pay, consider the wall mounted Stiebel Eltron CK 15E bathroom heater. Operating at 150V, this fan heater takes less time to heat the bathroom space. It is easy to install with its surface mount design and where you already have outdated heaters, then installing this heater over them will serve the purpose. If you want to maintain the style in your home, then this heater has a high profile make that enhances your home décor. This heater is an ideal choice for your bathroom also because of its downdraft design that serves to eliminate the cold floors. Hence, you need not worry about walking barefooted to your changing room as the heater ensures the floor heats up to a warm temperature. The heater also features a built-in thermostat hence safe to use. Its quiet operation makes it not only ideal for bathroom use but also the other rooms. Thus, whether yours is a new construction or home renovation, consider this heater to meet your heating demands. The heater’s three-year warranty and its galvanized steel outer cage is a guarantee for quality and durability.

Safe heater options: Heaters can cause the fire if left unobserved. However to minimize these incidents, consider heaters with security features. Featuring an adjustable thermostat, the Lasko 74200 heater can heat up to its 1500 watt high settings then go off to ensure your comfort.  Moreover, since the heater features an overheat protection, you can rest assured of your safety when using it. The heater is also safe to use with its self-regulating ceramic plate. It also features a cool exterior hence fewer accidents due to hot surfaces. Being ETL listed the heater features built-in safety features for its 1500 watts of warmth. This heater, however, lacks a tip-over feature the shuts off power when the unit is knocked over. By lacking this feature, this heater suffers less from overheating compared to heaters with the feature.

Portability: if you are still in a rental home with a fixed budget, the Lasko 74200 is the ideal option. Besides its cheap cost, this heater is portable. To transport it, you only need to use its built-in handle which makes the heater more portable, unlike other models. This heater comes with full assembly hence easy to handle for beginners. With a three years warranty, the product features good quality with minimum breakages during this period of service.

The best ceiling mounted heater: for the best among the ceiling mounted heaters, consider the NuTone 9093 Deluxe heater. This fan forced heater offers fast heat distribution courtesy of its fan operation. It also offers air ventilation. With this heater in place, you need not have extra lighting for your bathroom as the heater has a lighting system whose settings adjust to light the room efficiently depending on whether it is day or night. Thus, as a rule, consider the 100watt and 7-watt bulbs for the light and night bulbs. These bulbs, however, are not inclusive in the package. While offering these features, the heater maintains a low noise level hence no user disturbance. To strike a balance and ensure even heat distribution, this heater features an electronically balanced centrifugal blower which aids in distributing up to 1500watts of heat release. To ensure consumer safety, the heater has an on/off switch coupled with an auto reset thermal protection to regulate the temperatures at reasonable levels without the risk of overheating.

The heater is also easy to install courtesy of its 4-inch round duct. Due to its small size also, about 2”x8”, the heater requires minimum construction space for installation. It also has mounting brackets that make installation much easier even in the thicker ceilings.

FAQs About Bathroom Heaters

  • Are infrared heaters dangerous?

No! While many consumers have shied away from these heaters due to the circulating rumors, these heaters are very safe. In fact, they have health benefits, unlike other heater types. To ensure your safety, you only need to observe safe practices when using this heater.

  • Why does my portable electric heater shut off frequently?

Your heater may shut off when your thermostat setting is quite low. In this case, your heater warms up at lower temperatures and shuts down upon heating to these levels. The heat generated at this time is also too low to stay longer. Your heater may also shut off upon overheating to reset itself. Also, if your unit features a tip-over safety option, it is likely to shut off when any obstructions occur during heating.

  • How do I clean my heater?

To clean your heater, first, unplug it from the electric source. Use a moistened cloth to clean it and dry it with a clean, dry piece of cloth. Return the unit to its location and allow it to rest before connecting it back to the electricity source.

In conclusion, it is evident that everyone needs a bathroom heater. Based on the above review, a clear understanding of your needs, budget and top brands is all that you need to settle for a good quality heater. However, any time you are still wandering between choices, consider liaising with your dealer for further advice. This, however, should happen after taking adequate time to review what you want.

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