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Best Glue For Leather 2020– Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Glue For Leather has, for long, been used to make various products. The fashion and clothing industry has been the greatest beneficiary of leather. From jackets, shoes, bags to couches and car seats, the applications of leather are unlimited. The items need repair from time to time. Joining pieces of leather together can prove to be a very daunting task. The best glue for leather comes in very handy under such circumstances. You need to have an effective and strong adhesive to join the pieces together. An adhesive is more desirable than stitching as you won’t have to poke holes in the leather.

There is a myriad of leather glue types out there on the market. Whether you are looking for glue for leather bags, shoes, jackets wallets, or any other item, finding the best among them might not be very easy, especially if you haven’t interacted with leather before. Your leather shoe or wallet might be loose somewhere, and you need to seal it. Worry not! We have made it our business to ensure you get the best leather glue. The following is a detailed review of various types of Best Glue For Leather.

Best Glue For Leather 2020

The review will highlight the features of each glue, as well as give guidelines on why it might be good for you or not. Below is a comparison table of the various types of glue available in the market.

1) Barge Cement Glue – Best Glue For Leather

Barge Cement Glue

An effective leather glue should be strong enough to hold the pieces together for long. It should also easy to apply. The Barge Cement leather glue is one such glue. It is an all-purpose glue. It can join together many other surfaces other than leather. It works great with leather surfaces though. It needs to be applied on both of the surfaces to be joined. The glue is very strong. For optimum results, it needs to be allowed 15 to 20 minutes dry time and overnight curing. The glue is flexible during and after use. It is also not visible after application.


  • The glue is all-purpose
  • It needs 15-20 minutes dry time
  • It requires overnight curing
  • The glue is flexible
  • It has a foul smell and strong fumes
  • It has a neutral color


  • The glue has very strong adhesiveness
  • The glue can be used on different types of surfaces
  • The glue is flexible; it allows you to change the setting of the surfaces even after application
  • The glue is not visible after use; it leaves no stains.


  • The glue has long dried and curing times
  • The glue has very strong and smelly fumes


The Barge cement glue delivers a performance worthy of its name. It is a very strong adhesive that will hold leather pieces together strongly. The strong smell and fumes is a characteristic of almost all glues. One should take caution though, especially if they are asthmatic. The long drying and curing times might be inconveniencing. They, however, enable the glue to have strong adhesiveness. Overall, the glue is very effective in leather applications. The application instructions should be adhered to religiously, to ensure optimum results though.

2) E600 Craft Adhesive Glue


E600 Craft Adhesive Glue

The E600 glue comes with great application convenience. It comes with an applicator tube, which allows you apply the glue with precision on squeezed surfaces. The glue is easily cleaned from the working area after use. One should use the glue in a well-ventilated area as the fumes are strong and harmful if breathed in. Also, be sure to remove excess glue from your skin immediately after use. The glue delivers industrial adhesiveness strength. It is a general-purpose glue meaning it can be used on various types of surfaces; leather is one of them. The glue works well even in extreme conditions.

Core Features

  • The glue has 5 minutes dry time and 24-72 curing time
  • It comes in a very convenient applicator tube
  • The glue has very strong adhesiveness
  • The glue is non-flammable
  • It is flexible
  • It is temperature resistant
  • The glue is all-purpose
  • It has strong fumes and odor.


  • The glue has strong adhesiveness.
  • It is flexible; it allows you to change the setting of the surfaces not long after application
  • It is non-flammable hence safe while using
  • The glue can be used on many types of surfaces
  • The glue can work well even under extreme temperature conditions


  • The glue has very strong fumes with a foul odor
  • The glue takes longer to dry and cure


The E600 glue is a fantastic glue for leather surfaces. You might have to wait a while for it to cure, but that delivers better adhesiveness. The longer curing time also allows you to change the setting of the leather surface, if you make a mistake. The amazing bond strength makes it the best glue for leather to metal. The glue is versatile concerning temperature conditions. All these features make it a very desirable glue for diverse applications. The fumes are an odor a concern though. It is not advisable for people with breathing difficulties to use this product. Overall, the glue has amazing deliverables and qualifies to be among the best.

3) Gorilla Original Glue – Best Glue For Leather Shoes

Gorilla Original Glue

The gorilla original Glue is a versatile all-purpose glue, which works well with leather surfaces. The glue can withhold even the most extreme weather conditions. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It delivers amazing efficiency in both instances. The glue creates a very strong bond. The glue could be very appropriate for leather shoes. It expands 3 to 4 times to join together the surfaces. The surface of the glue, after curing, is paintable, sandable and stainable. This allows you to hide the surface of the glue once it is dry.

Core Features

  • The glue is all-purpose
  • It has strong adhesiveness
  • It is waterproof
  • It expands 3 to 4 times to create a bond
  • The surface of the dried glue is paintable
  • The glue can handle extreme temperature conditions
  • It sets within 1 to 2 hours.


  • The glue is waterproof hence convenient. It works great both indoors and outdoors. You won’t have to worry about the bond wearing off when it rains
  • The glue creates a very strong bond
  • The glue allows you to paint its surface after it has dried. This is great as you can make it blend with other colors around the bond area
  • The glue is versatile; it works well in all weather conditions


  • The package clogs at the nozzle when stored upright.
  • The excess left on surfaces is very difficult to remove


The Gorilla original glue has optimum adhesiveness and sets much quicker than other glues we have reviewed. It is a great option for leather applications. The waterproof property is a particularly desirable feature as it makes the glue very versatile in its applications. It works well even in extreme temperature conditions, making it the best glue for leather shoes. Its shortcomings are based on packaging and ease of cleaning after application but not on its efficiency. It is arguably the best leather glue we have reviewed so far.

4) Loctite Liquid Professional Glue

best glue for leather

Loctite liquid is yet another very strong glue appropriate for leather applications. It works well on many other surfaces too. The glue has a super strength formula that delivers amazing adhesiveness. It is appropriate for heavy-duty applications where strong bonds are required. It comes in an easy-squeeze, clog-free, self-piercing bottle with a pointing nozzle. The glue sets very quickly. It is therefore not possible to change the surface setting if you make a mistake. You need to be very precise with the surfaces to be joined.

Core Features

  • The glue has a super strength formula
  • The glue is all-purpose
  • The glue sets within 15 to 20 seconds
  • It comes in a 20-gram bottle
  • The bottle is easy-squeeze, clog-free and self-piercing


  • The glue delivers high adhesiveness levels
  • The glue can be used on many surfaces including but not limited to leather
  • The glue sets very fast; you can get your surfaces joined together much quicker
  • The bottle is very conveniently designed to avoid clogging and make application easy


  • The glue sets very fast. It is difficult to make any changes once you apply. It also makes it difficult to clean the work area of removing it from your skin.


The Loctite liquid professional glue does not disappoint as far as adhesiveness is concerned. It has great convenience regarding applications. It is a great option for leather applications. These features warrant its appearance on the review as one of the best. The fast setting time is desirable since it will allow you to work faster, but you have to be very careful as a mistake is not reversible. The glue lacks flexibility.

5) Bob Smith Industries Glue

Bob Smith Industries Glue

The Bob Smith glue is yet another fast-setting glue. The glue sets immediately on applications. It allows no room for mistakes. The glue is all-purpose, and it allows you to modify and fill voids. This is the only glue that is scented, in this review. It has a strawberry scent that, will make your gluing sessions more fun. The instructions for use come in different languages. This makes it convenient for use by many people. The glue is best for plastic surfaces but works fine on leather applications. The glue cures within 15 to 20 seconds, making it very hard for you to reposition the surfaces.

Core Features

  • The glue is all-purpose
  • The glue sets instantly
  • It has 12 to 15 seconds curing time
  • It has a strawberry scent
  • It is best for plastic surfaces
  • The instructions come in multiple languages


  • Thought the glue is best suited for plastic, it works well on other surfaces including leather
  • The glue sets and cures very fast
  • Unlike many other types of glue, the Bob Smith glue has a great strawberry scent; still not good for asthmatic people though
  • The multi-lingual instructions are very convenient. The glue can be used effectively by many people.


  • The fast setting of the glue means you cannot reposition the glue after you have joined your surfaces. There is no room for mistakes. You have to be very careful and precise.


Bob Smith glue has strong adhesiveness and impressive application convenience. It sets fast hence allowing you to work faster, though you cannot reposition the surfaces once you have applied the glue. The glue is effective as far as its applications are concerned. It could be the best glue for leather to plastic joints. Its many positive reviews on Amazon also go a mile further in proving its effectiveness.

6) Krazy Glue Best Glue For Leather

Krazy Glue

Krazy glue is made for light home and office applications. It works fine on the leather too. The glue comes in very convenient packaging and a brush applicator that allows you to access tight spaces easily. The glue is very versatile among light projects and can be used on various types of surfaces. The glue is easy to control and apply as it is very viscous. The glue sets instantly on application.

Core Features

  • The glue is all-purpose
  • It is appropriate for light applications
  • It comes with a brush applicator
  • The glue sets instantly
  • It is very viscous


  • The high viscosity of the glue makes it easy to control
  • The glue sets instantly allowing you to work faster
  • The glue can be used on multiple types of surfaces
  • The brush applicator is very convenient for accessing tight spaces


  • Krazy glue sets very quickly allowing you no room to rectify any misplacements.
  • The glue is very viscous it solidifies easily in the container when exposed to air even for a short while


The Krazy glue delivers acceptable levels of adhesiveness strength for light applications. The glue will not do so well in heavy-duty applications. It is appropriate for a home-use glue. If you are looking for the glue to solve your simple home leather joining issues, this could be the glue for you. The price is also most probably favorable. The brush applicator makes it easy for you to apply. It sets instantly, and will, therefore, allow you to work fast. This could be the best glue for a leather watch strap, leather belts, and wallets repair, as well as other light applications. Overall, the glue has the expected deliverables within its mandate. Its appearance on the review is informed by the possibility of someone looking for an easy to use and simple solution for their leather joining needs.

7) Super Glue Gel

Super Glue 15185 Gel, 12-Pack

The Superglue gel is a unique type of glue. It comes as a very thick gel, which is easy to control and apply. The glue comes in a very convenient and reusable package, though it is difficult to open it for the first time. The glue is not flexible as it sets and cures very fast. The glue is not all-purpose. It can be used on porous wood, leather and plastic surfaces. It is very effective on leather surfaces though. It delivers good levels of adhesiveness strength.

Core Features

  • The glue comes with a thick gel
  • The case of the gel is reusable
  • The glue is appropriate for wood, leather and plastic surfaces
  • It sets very fast.


  • The fast curing of the glue allows you to work fast.
  • The case is conveniently usable
  • It has strong adhesiveness on leather
  • It comes in a convenient package that allows easy application
  • The thick gel is easy to control


  • The gel is too thick and will solidify easily if exposed to air even for a short while.
  • The fast curing means there is no room for repositioning the surfaces if you make a mistake.
  • The application of the glue is limited to particular surfaces.


The Superglue gel seems like a very effective leather glue. It has impressive deliverables as far as joining surfaces together is concerned. It cannot be used on any surface though. It is simple and easy to use. The package is designed to allow precise application. All these features make the Super glue gel worthy to be considered as one of the best glues for leather repair. You need to be careful which applying though. The glue lacks flexibility, and you cannot rectify any mistakes you make.

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Best Glue For Leather 2020– Buyer’s Guide

The review above has made discussion around the specific features of various glues appropriate for leather applications. The review, however, seems inconclusive about which among the various glues is the best. The best glue for leather depends on some factors. Before you settle on buying a particular glue for leather applications you need to consider the following factors.

The strength of the bonds created by the glue is a crucial. You do not want a glue that cannot hold your pieces together. Some glues provide heavy-duty bonds while others provide a moderate strength of adhesiveness. You need to consider what you need to join or repair with the glue. For instance, to repair a shoe, you need glue with heavy duty bonds. On the other hand, you cannot use such glue to join together wallet leather. Each of the strength levels applies to different situations

The drying and curing time of glue is very crucial. Some cure within seconds, while others cure within days. Normally, glues that take longer to cure, produce stronger bonds. They are normally used in heavy duty applications. For instance, you do not want to join a wallet and wait for it to dry and cure for three days. Similarly, you cannot expect a metal junction to cure within minutes after you have placed the glue. Getting a strong bond is very desirable though. It is better if you have to wait for long and have your item strongly bonded.

The type of surface to be joined is an important factor in determining which glue you get. Leather surfaces are different. Some are rough, and some are smooth. The different surfaces require different adhesiveness strength. Smooth leather surfaces require glue that has stronger bonds and longer curing time. This is because the surface is of contact is less. Rough surfaces will do well with most types of glues. The different glues are made for different situations, in as much as they might be all-purpose. You should get glue that is best suited for your specific circumstances.

The ease of application is also an important factor to consider. It is informed by the design of the glue bottle and other accessories that the bottle comes with. The viscosity of the glue also determines how easy it is to handle it. High viscous glue is easy to handle but has lesser adhesiveness strength. In as the ease of application is desirable, be careful not to compromise on the strength. You would rather be hassled while applying the glue and be sure it won’t come off, than have an easy time only for the bond not to last long.


Having reviewed several leather types of glue that, we established are superior, it would be prudent to assume that you are now in a better position to choose the best glue for leather for your needs. The above buying guide is to be used in comparison with the features highlighted above. However, the review is very long, and it would not be easy for you to remember every single detail in it. Worry not! Below is a summarized table. It contains all the discussed types of glue and their respective features and prices. It would be easy to quickly go the table and make an informed decision, next time you go shopping for some leather glue.

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