Canon EOS 700D Review Starting To Show Its Age

Canon EOS 700D Review about the product quality and basic features. The Canon EOS 700D is an upper entry-level DSLR from Canon. Canon’s lower segment, cameras featuring the EOS 700D (also known as Rebel T5i) and the basic SL1 apart from the previous Rebel series cameras that Canon still continues to sell, is a much cluttered one. Multiple cameras have overlapping features and none seem to be having everything that you need. But hey, this is an entry-level segment, and you have to make the decision as to which are the features that you must absolutely have in your camera. Let’s find out more about the 700D.

Connectivity lets the Canon EOS 700D down, but it’s still a more than capable shooter

Canon EOS 700D-


Canon EOS 700D Review about the sensor, The sensor inside the EOS 700D is the same old sensor that sat inside the EOS 650D. It is an APS-C sensor with an effective resolution of 18 megapixels and capable of churning out large fine RAW and JPEG frames of the size 5184 x 3456 pixels. An interesting feature of the EOS 700D is multi-shot noise reduction. This technology enables the camera to make low-noise high contrast images, even in low light conditions without any issues.

Image processing

Image processing is handled by Canon’s DIGIC 5 image processor.


The 700D’s auto-focusing technology is powered by 9 AF points only. But on the flip side, all the AF points are cross-type. Cross-type AF points are way more sensitive than line sensors.

ISO Sensitivity

The native ISO sensitivity of the sensor ranges from 100 to 12800. You can, however, expand the ISO capacity all the way to 25600.

Still Shooting

In continuous shooting mode, the EOS 700D can shoot at five frames per second. Though five fps is decent, it is nowhere near what you need for shooting fast action or sports photography. Everyday photography, however, should be no problem at all.

Video Shooting

The EOS 700D is a capable video shooter. Auto-focusing is decent, though Canon has launched better live-view auto-focusing in later models. The 700D is capable of shooting at full HD at 1080p and at a maximum of 30 fps. Continuous auto-focusing in live-view is facilitated by Movie-Servo AF. At a slightly lower resolution of 720p, you can shoot at a higher frame rate of 60 fps. Manual exposure adjustment is possible in move mode. Stereo mic records good quality sound.


There is no built-in wireless connectivity on this slightly dated model.  Standard USB 2.0, HDMI C (Mini), and AV Output connectors are available.

Rear LCD Screen

The slightly dated EOS 700D has a 3″ rear LCD screen that features ClearView II technology. The screen is very-angle and comes with touchscreen abilities. Vari-angle functionality allows you to shoot from those impossible angles like an extremely top angle or an extremely low angle.

Another extremely useful feature of the LCD screen is the Touch Auto-focus. Together, these two features open up a world of options so far as shooting stills and videos are concerned.

Build Quality and Weather Sealing

Canon EOS 700D Review about the quality of Canon’s entry-level or budget DSLRs are designed for consumers who are looking for something better than their smartphones. These cameras are in no way comparable to the mid-range or pro-grade cameras. Build quality, thus, is reminiscent of the budget. Still, the EOS 700D is a decently build camera. The vari-angle touchscreen comes with a smudge-resistant coating that ensures it does not end up being a dust and smudge magnet.

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