T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer and Multi-Cooker

T-fal actifry reviews a 2.2-pound-capacity electric air frying multi-cooker with a patented pulsating heat system and stirring paddle. Easily and quickly Cooks a variety of full meals with little or no oil. Steam-free see-through lid, nonstick pan (PFOA and PTFE free). Tefal FZ7000 ActiFry prepares products with the help of hot air treatment, like an aero grill. The flow is fed through the filaments, one of them is located in front of the basket, the air from it circulates around the container. The other is located on top of the basket and creates an “air gap”. Constant slow mixing allows the products to be processed evenly. The device first “dries” the food, and then fries them. This allows you to cook almost without oil and get a crispy crust. Of course, the cooking time is greatly increased: in a conventional fryer with hot oil, frozen potatoes are toasted for 10 minutes, and meat for 4-7.

T-Fal Actifry The Smartest Air Fryer in the Market

t-fal actifry reviews. The device comes with a book of recipes, it details the benefits of air-fried potatoes and offers ways to diversify the everyday food of the owners. Recipes of dishes include subsections with dishes from vegetables, meats, sauces, and desserts. The book is colorful, with beautiful pictures and well-written text. Pleasant optional bonus to the device.

The air fryer has two mechanical buttons that control its operation: “activation” and a timer. You may set the timer up to 99 minutes, by scrolling the paging. After starting the frying the scoreboard starts the count down. In the end, the timer emits a soft signal. The device does not stop the work, you have to do it yourself. The fryer can only be switched on with the lid closed. If you open the lid during cooking, the device stops operating. After closing the lid, the appliance switches on again.

Two-buttons on the left and right under the lid, when pressed simultaneously, open the lid. The lid opens smoothly, without sudden movements, this allows you to protect yourself from the burn by hot air circulating inside the deep fryer. A sliding lever on the basket handle helps to expand the handle and remove the inner container from the device. The lever of the mixer together with the blade are removed by a simple movement. The transparent part of the Air Fryer lid has a button at the bottom, which also allows removing it to clean. Assembling, disassembly, and storing are easy and intuitive. All parts of the appliance can be removed and placed in a dishwasher.


t-fal actifry reviews To acquire the classic experience of use, we took the most common product: frozen french fries. Slices with side about 8 mm. Instructions suggest 20 minutes frying.

Without oil, the potato was very crispy after 20 minutes. Part of our colleagues calls the resulting dish “dryish.” The other part says that it looks like very tasty real chips.

With oil (only one tablespoon), the potatoes are ruddy in appearance after 20 minutes, but a little less crispy. Part of the focus group, who found the previous dish too dry, is happy with the present result. The second part of the focus group agrees that with butter the taste is more saturated, “similar to real French fries”.


12 meatballs cook for 30 minutes. The diameter of the meat product in the manual is not specified, we proceeded from the usual understanding of how this dish should look. When we put the meatballs in the basket, we were convinced that 12 is really the same amount that fits well in the deep fryer and allows the stirrer to spin. You can make less, but more – definitely not. The cooking dish comes with a measuring spoon of vegetable oil.

The agitator blade during the preparation quite strongly deforms the balls, and by the time the device is turned off, the shape of the meatballs becomes arbitrary. This does not affect the taste, only on the aesthetic perception of the prepared dish. As for the taste – it is something average in juiciness and the roasting degree between the preparation in an oven and a frying pan.


The Air Fryer allows removing all parts that require cleaning: the basket, the lever, the blade of the stirrer, and the lid. All removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher. The body must be cleaned with a damp cloth moistened in water or a soapy solution, and then wipe dry. As a result, the device, in terms of cleaning, attracts a minimum of domestic attention. Cooked – disassemble – put in a dishwasher – install.


The model is not cheap, this may be the stopping factor. The fryer is the big appliance, and most likely it is not the first one in the kitchen. The convenient places are already occupied, and the issue of storage arises. But if the price and dimensions are not the problems for you, it is a good choice. T-fal ActiFry is a high-quality device, easy to use and maintain, the guide is clear. As a matter of fact, you get a convenient device for the preparation of small-cut products similar to an aero-grill with a mixer.

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