The Best Freelance Writing Job Sites of 2020

The Best Freelance Writing Job Sites of 2020

This review is built to help you choose which freelance writing job websites will pay you the most for each word you write. We factored in the money you can earn, any writer fees you have to pay to the site, and how quickly you get paid after you’ve completed your assignment. The companies listed below are ranked in order from best to worst based on how much you will make overall per word written.

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TextBroker is an international freelance writing site. In our opinion, it’s the top-ranked freelance writing site for freelance writers. Here’s how it works:

  • The freelance writer submits sample content to Textbroker’s editorial board and receives a “star” rating, such as a “three-star,” “four-star,” and “five-star” rating.
  • According to the writer’s star rating, he or she selects available articles and submits them to Textbroker through the interface.
  • When you’re first starting out with Textbroker, you don’t have the option to claim more than one article at a time. As you join more teams, you may accept one article from the team’s assignments and submit it.
  • You’ll need a basic understanding of HTML to format text for some clients. Others prefer no HTML.
  • Read client instructions before submitting the order. A small error can cause a rewrite request. You’ve only got two tries to get it right. If the client or editor doesn’t like the second rewrite, the article may be rejected. Your rejection rate, expressed as both the number of articles rejected and as a percentage of approved articles, may affect your ability to get clients’ direct order assignments.

Freelance writers seeking reliable work and timely payments like Textbroker. It’s also possible to get a promotion for higher pay by applying to teams. For instance, if you’ve got in-depth experience as a legal writer, it’s possible to gain admission to a “five-star” team even if you’re currently rated as a four-star writer. It’s also possible to earn bonuses or get promotions within a writing team.

Ranked #2 Online Writing Jobs is a freelance writing job consolidation site. It’s possible to get offers for freelance writing, ghostwriting, contract writing, or work-at-home virtual or telecommute offers on the site.

There’s a fresh assortment of new jobs almost every day on the site. If you want to bid for a writing job:

  • Prepare a short proposal and/or attach copies of relevant examples or point to copies of your published articles or blogs online.
  • Bid for the assignment if the client asks for a rate. Offer your most competitive rate because many clients have a budget.
  • Stay focused on “your” writing preferences. For instance, if you’re a non-fiction ghostwriter, avoid the temptation to branch out in too many directions. Accept only as many assignments as you can complete on time.

The primary benefit of a site like is clear. You won’t need to search or Craigslist for some writing assignments and repeat orders will come your way.

Ranked #3 Zerys requires new authors to submit a writing sample and prepare a site profile for clients to use. Many clients prefer to build teams of reliable writers. Although the open order pool of articles can be smaller than other freelance writing job site competitors, direct orders pay better:

  • For instance, if you’re a foreign exchange specialist writer, you might get paid $10 an article on one site but $60 on for the same number of words.
  • Many clients pay writer bonuses.
  • clients seem more willing to pay up for writing excellence. Although clients have the option to request author rewrites, a representative says that direct order assignments have an 80 percent chance of acceptance after submission.
  • has grown its client base from an organized outreach to advertising and digital media agencies. If you’re accepted as a writer, you’ll grow opportunities to write for agencies or corporate clients with a larger budget.

Clients have the option of selecting an international or U.S.-based writer. You may receive fewer direct orders from clients if you don’t live in the United States.

Ranked#4 Writer Access

Based in Massachusetts, WriterAccess works with freelance writers in search of clients. Unlike other freelance writing site competitors, WriterAccess clients may offer multiple article orders to its freelance writer pool. In addition, WriterAccess provides writers with free and easy-to-use technical tools to check search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

WriterAccess requires more steps in its new author sign-up process. The writer is asked for in-depth information about his or her background/industry experience, social media profile links, pay rates, a cover letter plus resume, and writing samples. Each WriterAccess author must successfully pass a grammar test.

After acceptance, WriterAccess authors may claim an article, blog post, web content, or product review assignment. If you’re a corporate communications specialist, you may receive press release, white paper, e-book, and other assignments or requests as well. Technical writers may receive opportunities to prepare or edit corporate manuals, etc.

WriterAccess also offers free virtual workshops to inspire authors to improve their writing. For instance, if the writer’s dream is to write for a top tier news or financial site, WriterAccess’ workshops are helpful and motivational.

Ranked #5 Guru

In some ways, is a freelance writer’s dream job site. If you’re in search of work, you’ll probably find a client in search of your skills on day one.

Getting hired by clients will require some effort on your part. Most require a proposal, work examples, and a bid for the assignment or project. You have the option to exchange contact information with the client. (Some freelance writing sites prohibit direct client contact.) Clients are looking for writers at all writing quality levels.

Approach clients with your writing goal in mind:

  • If you’re happy with small or one-time-only assignments, you’ll find lots of clients in search of your skills. Some small assignments provide an entry to larger, long-term gigs.
  • If you’re a technology writer with hands-on computer programming skills, it’s possible to land a multi-thousand dollar project on

Find these and other freelance writing assignments on

  • “Write or review my resume:” This is a great assignment for recruiter-writers.
  • Write SEO (keyword-rich) articles: The client asks the writer for certain keywords or key phrases to appear in the finished product a certain number of times.
  • Edit academic texts, such as a textbook: If you’re a graduate student or teaching assistant on summer break, there’s plenty of work for you at
  • Write or edit an e-book: At your option, attach one or more e-book examples to the prospective client with your proposal.
  • Write or edit product descriptions: These types of jobs are plentiful. Some don’t pay very well—estimate and price your time and skills with care.
  • Write blog posts: Bloggers need content, content, content. If you’re an experienced blogger and you’re WordPress-literate, focus your attention on clients in search of bloggers.

Choosing a Freelance Writing Job Service

Whether you’re a professional reporter looking to make a little extra money, a stay-at-home mom looking to keep your writing skills up to par or just looking for something to keep you busy while you boost your portfolio, freelance writing is the way to go. With online writing jobs, you get to pick your schedule and your wage and make money doing something you love. There are hundreds of thousands of writing jobs online, but how do you find the best ones?

There are a lot of different websites to help you find freelance writing jobs. Three of our favorite freelance writing sites are oDesk, Elance and Guru. You can make a lot of money freelancing, but know that it often takes time to build up your clientele. Most successful freelancers start slow – freelancing on the side after work every night. Expect to start with entry level writing jobs, don’t be too picky about the types of content you write. While you’re getting started, be willing to work for low (but not slave-labor low) wages and simple website or blog content. Once you’ve proved your skills, you’ll be able to move onto the exciting content writing jobs and work full-time freelance writer jobs.

Work from home writing jobs has its advantages. You get to set your own hours, be your own boss and decide how much money you’ll make (to an extent). The best part is that you get to do what you love as a full-time job – write. You may find you take more creative writing jobs than you were allowed to when you worked in the office. You get to choose what you want to write about and learn new things as you research. You’ll also find you get to meet very interesting people as you work from home.

The downsides to online article writing jobs is that you’ll likely experience a fair amount of rejection before you actually make your first sale. Don’t lose faith in yourself or your career. You’ve got to be confident and have thick skin to succeed at freelancing. Unlike working in Corporate America, writing jobs from home don’t bring a steady paycheck at a consistent wage. You are often responsible for collecting your own wages and you won’t get benefits like retirement or insurance. Despite the disadvantages of freelance article writing jobs, there is something magical about paving your own way in life and writing for a living.

Don’t get discouraged. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you can be. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Pitch content ideas in areas that you are the most comfortable and familiar with. If you’re big into healthy living, try to find opportunities to write in that field.
  • Listen to any critiques you receive from copy editors, book editors and other professionals. They are the best teachers – much better than your English 1010 professor. Editors specialize in takeing a good piece of writing and polishing it so that it becomes the best. If they offer you any help, take it and run!
  • Always read the guidelines before you submit content. A lot of times, really good content gets rejected simply because the author didn’t take the time to follow the guidelines.

How do you know which online writing job website is best for you?

Consider the following:

  • How long has the site been running and is it reputable? The site’s reputation can affect your reputation, so make sure you choose a good site(s) to write for.
  • Do they pay fairly? You shouldn’t have to work for pennies. Your time is worth something. You’ll start off making little, but don’t resort to writing a 500 word article for $1.50 – you can do better than that.
  • How often will you get paid? You shouldn’t have to wait a month (or more) before you receive payment for the work you’ve done.
  • Are there site quotas? Some sites limit the number of articles you can produce each month. So, no matter how good of a writer you are, you’ll only be allowed X number of pieces, which really limits your income.
The Best Freelance Writing Job Sites of 2020
Article Name
The Best Freelance Writing Job Sites of 2020
This review is built to help you choose which freelance writing job websites will pay you the most for each word you write. We factored in the money you can earn, any writer fees you have to pay to the site, and how quickly you get paid after you've completed your assignment.

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