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Walk your Dog: why is it important to walk your dog?

Walk your Dog

The dog is an animal that needs to walk between 2 and 3 times a day, but, do you know why is it important to walk your dog? In this post, we will explain why it is so important to walk with your dog, why the garden does not replace the walk, and many other things that, perhaps you did not know.

Do not forget that it is a very important habit that you must carry out on a daily basis. Not doing so can be very harmful to your pet, do not forget it. Walking your dog is necessary to take care of his basic needs as they are: food, health, game, and his daily walk. You have to keep in mind that there are races that will need more time to walk or that you take more time a day.

The truth is that it has been seen that if you walk your dog it will be a great benefit for your dog:


There are many people who do not have time to walk their dogs. Remember these are the great benefits of your dog he has to go out for a basic need. But remember that you miss a very important moment between you and your dog.


Take a dog for a walk, is to allow him to relieve himself until he is satisfied. Apart from the puppies that cannot even go out or that are learning to urinate, it is very negative to allow our dog to urinate and defecate at home. In addition to causing the bad odor, we will be creating an environment of important unhealthiness that can lead to serious health problems in dogs and humans.

Make reasons to walk your dog which will help the dog to relate to other dogs, people, and different environments and objects. Although a dog begins its socialization when it is a puppy, in its adult stage it will still be important that it correlates correctly with everything avoid fears, aggressiveness, or inappropriate behavior.


According to nature scientific reports, 67% of dogs that go out for a walk with their owners become more sociable, both with humans and with other dogs. It is very nice to watch your pet play in the park with others of the same species. In this way, your faithful friend will not be aggressive or suffer from depression.


It is very important that our dog exercise at an appropriate time according to their needs. That will help dog sleep better, relieve anxiety, and ultimately be a happy dog ​​without deprivation. There are many types of exercises for dogs that either includes you or only him.

If you walk your dog you will notice that the links between him and you will be reinforced. The activities that most appreciate a dog are the ones that feed him and take him out for a walk, so take advantage of these outings to play with him and to strengthen your links.

It is good to walk your dog because it keeps the dog in shape, burn calories, and avoid dog suffering from obesity, a disease that attacks many dogs. In this way, the dog will be more active and exercise their joints, something that will be appreciated in their age.


Dogs are curious and adventurous animals. Going out on the street gives them a host of different animals that make them feel entertained by following trails or discovering new things. Any other situation that you can offer them will improve the quality of the ride for your dog.

Dogs love to have sunbathed, The great star provides dogs with vitamin D, promotes the production of serotonin, and improves sleep. Further. It relieves the pain of joints that dogs can suffer. Taking it out for a walk will help the dog to receive the necessary contribution of solar rays.

If you get used to your dog to go out since childhood, he will get used to all kinds of noises, smells, people, and even other animals. So when suddenly you hear a noise, he will not feel afraid, as it will be familiar.


For dogs, the walk is a synonym of fun and joy, something that gives them happiness, for that reason, it is very important that you go for a walk with your dog full of positivity. Play music or appreciate the benefits of exercising a little more, he will feel much happier. The walk is the time of day that should be unique and exclusively for the dog.  Walk with your Dog is the most important moment for him and should be focused exclusively on his well-being. These outings with your dog will promote your self-esteem and you will also not run the risk of suffering from depression.

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